Feb 21 2005

Insane Austin


Enchiladas Tres Marias at Las Palomas, Austin

Las Palomas, I am sorry to say, is in a strip mall on Bee Caves Road. The strip mall is an enormous, baking-hot asphalt parking lot. Around the edges is a single long, low, soul-sucking building, with a Taco Bell on one end and a UPS Store on the other. Few man-made structures are as ugly.

Austin inhabitants appear to readily accept the brutalization commerce has wrought on their picturesque hills. This behavior is insane. An Austinite has no use for a Taco Bell. There are 4231 places to get good tacos.

Further west on Bee Caves Road lie some of the prettiest rolling hills on Earth. Until recently, you couldn’t swing a dead cat out there without hitting a magnificent vista view or a patch of wild flowers or a herd of white-tailed deer. Then developers got hold of it. The hills are now covered with water-guzzling golf courses and a plague of fake Tuscan villas starting at $500K. Few man-made structures are as ugly.

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  1. thingfish23

    Hey. You should try Southwest Florida on for size. It’s a developer’s Heaven, a lover-of-the-environment’s Wailing Wall.

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