Feb 24 2005

Go Shoot Motherfuckers

Grilled lamb chops with mustard and red currant glaze, flageolets with spinach and tomaters, and a head of roasted garlic

"You know, when I joined the Army nine years ago people would always ask me why I joined. Did I do it for college money? Did I do it for women? People never understood. I wanted to join the Army because I wanted to go shoot motherfuckers."
–attributed to a Fort Benning drill sergeant in "AWOL In America"by Kathy Dobie, Harper’s Magazine, March 2005

Much like I can’t remember what life was like before the internet or the GPS-equipped automobile, it’s hard to recall how I managed before the Lodge Outpost Cast Iron Grill and Matching Stand arrived at the Twisty Compound.

I got outside these exquisite chops while reading an article in Harper’s about deserters from the U.S. military. The story is no longer available on the Harper’s website, so I’ll hit the highlights for you:

Being in the military sucks.

Especially if you happen to be somebody for whom shooting motherfuckers has not been the dream that’s sustained you from the cradle.

photo Thomas Hoepker, Harper’s, March 2005