Mar 13 2005

Spaghetti Jilroy

Spaghetti Jilroy: free!

I stole the idea for this toothsome repast from my old St. Louis haunt Riddles, where the dish contains mushrooms and is called Spaghetti Conroy. I have eaten 247 bowls of Spaghetti Conroy in my life, so it is easy to recreate from memory, even though I haven’t lifted a bite of the aforementioned spag. to my gaping maw in three years. I remember Conroy’s gummy globules of garlic, butter, wine, cheese, onion and bell pepper as though it were just two years ago.

I never knew who Conroy was, but Riddles is currently charging $10.95 for him.

Spaghetti Jilroy–for we rename dishes when we steal them–is an excellent choice when one is down to one’s last thin dime. And one’s last semi-puckered quarter of a red bell pepper, glug of 3-day-old white wine, half a dessicated onion in Saran wrap, sprouted garlic clove, handful of store-bought grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, and snort of olive oil. And sticks of broken capellini.

That’s right. The beauty of Spaghetti Jilroy is that it is completely free, since it is made from stuff you would’ve ended up chucking out anyway.