Mar 18 2005


Twisty’s secret is out

I like readin’ Wonkette because salaried bloggers are the greatest! It’s remarkable how when a blog is subsidized by a professional, corporate blog-publishing entity famous for porn, gossip, and sleaze, the sad spelling errors and depressing posts that begin "sorry I haven’t blogged in a while…"  just disappear!

But anyway, on Wonkette was a link to this entertaining, voyeuristic website, where people send in home-made postcards revealing their secrets. This one pretty much sums up why FUCK THE PATRIARCHY is the Faster Family Motto. Warning: poignant.

UPDATE: It turns out that the link to the postcard that pretty much sums up why FUCK THE PATRIARCHY is the Faster Family Motto doesn’t work. So here is a screenshot (click to enlarge). The rest of’em are pretty interesting, too.



  1. Joe

    Who is the person lying on the grass in the photo? Curious if it’s someone I know…

  2. Twisty

    It is my friend Tom, who is married to my friend Erin. He is lying in front of the Twisty Bungalow the morning after having played at SXSW in, I think, 2003. He cannot get up.

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