Mar 30 2005

Guitar Wanker Gets Old


God help us, it’s Clapton’s birthday. Which means that today’s Lay Down Sally Alert Level has been increased to:


Listening to the radio today will almost certainly result in exposure to the annoying and grammatically suspect "Lay Down Sally."


  1. nancy m

    Gratuitous Clapton and coffee comparison coming up:

    They’re both shite without Cream.

  2. BASTA!

    Congrats! You have been chosen as number 4 on my list of top ten examples of feminists who use “wanker” as a fight word, thus reinforcing the sexist idea that male masturbation is pathetic, contemptible and associated with undesirable character traits.

  3. Melissa

    Male masturbation *is* associated with undesirable character traits, such as arrogance, a misbegotten sense of entitlement and violent sexual aggression towards women, children, unwary family pets and any passing extraterrestrial. Not to mention the cruelty so often meted out to the women in the porn the males are masturbating over. Said undesirable character traits are not associated with the masturbation but the maleness. IBTP.

    But if you find Twisty’s usage of the word “wanker” to be sexist, you may be interested to know that many women have experienced sexism too! Perhaps an alliance could be formed, where you rally all doodz to put an end to the discrimination and terror Team Penis has visited upon women since the mid-neolithic or so and then women stop using “wanker” to describe guitarists. Sounds like a deal to me.

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