Apr 01 2005

US Census: Women Roughly Half-Human

That deep rumble of satisfaction you hear emanating from the patriarchal bowel is the Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose Update. The story goes like this: white women with college degrees make less money than black and Asian women with the same education. The US Census Bureau has some figures, which the mainstream media regurgitate thusly.

Census_1What to make of it? Are women of color finally getting their due? Can we stop worrying about discrimination against minorities now? Should white women rage with government-approved impunity against the affirmative-action machine? Or what?

The news is, this is no news. For although Hispanic women continue to draw up the rear in terms of women’s post-collegiate salaries–undoubtedly because they are preoccupied with being wiggly and lusty– the gap between the various ethnicities’ salaries is only a couple of thousand bucks. This is negligible when compared to the disparity between white men and everybody else.

White men earn a veritable buttload more than similarly educated women. Nearly twice as much more. Put it another way: employers, reflecting society’s deeply ingrained fucktard proclivities, value women as half-human.