Apr 04 2005


Paris_rosary1_1Going to a Deadpope-A-Palooza? Lurking around St. Peter’s to revere the deceased? Hosting a WhiteSmokeWatch? Well, with all the Catholic-scented excitement in the air lately, who isn’t? And since you never know when CNN’s cameras will train themselves on your pining, grief-stricken visage, you might want to take a moment to assess the state of your rosary. What will global dead pope enthusiasts see as you press your beads into your tear-stained face?

Not something ratty from the Catholic Supply, we hope! With this Paris Hilton-designed rosary and crystal cross, only 60 bucks at Amazon, you can be sure to make the right statement with your pious bereavement over the death of a powerful misogynist homophobe who lived in a palace and was a total stranger to you.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know how to begin responding to the knowledge that there’s such a thing as a Paris Hilton rosary.

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