Apr 09 2005

Pope vs. W


W and Pope: two white guys kicking ass

The dead pope’s been taking some heat here at the Twisty Compound lately, and not that he doesn’t deserve it. But holy crap, W at the pope’s funeral, there’s a hot one!

In the first place, even though I think they’re nuts, I feel sort of sorry for all those poor boneheads who waited in line for 3 days to get a load of the dead pope but got the bum’s rush when W’s posse showed up. The way the boneheads were wailing and beating their breasts, you could tell it was going to be the high point of their lives to check out the illustrious infallible corpse. But who actually believes that W gives a rat’s ass about that dead pope?

Sure, they’re two white dudes who shared a deep disdain for chicks and homos, but when it came to the Iraq war motif–Bush’s pet motif–they were scarcely two hearts beating as one. W likes fertilized human eggs quite a bit–he likes’em more, for example, than fully realized human women–but he also likes to kill people once they’re old enough to be conscripted, incarcerated, or bombed. Brown people, mostly. Uncool! Say what you will about the pope’s fucktarded views on eggs (and chicks and homos and pedophile priests), at least the guy more or less frowned on bombing innocents and executing illiterate simpletons. He seemed to actually like brown people. The straight male ones, anyway.

Which is just my polite way of saying that, as much as that dead pope is on my last nerve, he’s got nothing on that fucktard W when it comes to the Twisty Shitlist.


  1. Prentiss Riddle

    Well… I’m sure my friends in the Catholic peace movement would know more about this than little old atheist me, but I think there are those who would say the pope was as cavalier as any president about the death of the innocent when it suited his cold-war view of the world. I’m referring, for instance, to the pope’s choice of sides in the civil war in El Salvador.

  2. Twisty

    Thanks! Now I can take back every nice thing I ever said about that dang ole dead misogynist homophobe pope!

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