Apr 14 2005

Twisty’s Kondiment Korner


Once in a generation there arrives a condiment so breathtaking, so courageous, so majestically orange that it deserves its own Hollywood blockbuster epic trilogy. Cuisine Perel Blood Orange Vinegar is such a condiment. What it does for a slice of watermelon will shock you! Its innocent yearning for walnut oil will warm your heart! And it will change the way you feel about a pork chop… forever.

If you use only one condiment this year, use blood orange vinegar!


  1. Sunni

    Did you buy this here in Austin or did you have to order special? It sounds fantastic!

  2. Twisty

    They’ve got it at Central Market, and you can also order it online direct from Perel. If you click the picture it’ll take you there.


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