May 04 2005

Mommy Track Redux


Smoked salmon pastrami with cream cheese and red onion on a toasted biali; it’s what’s for breakfast.

I got outside this highly decent smoked salmon-on-a-shingle while reading in the New York Times how, still, fewer than 2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, despite their profusion in management positions. Corporations are baffled! They call in “experts.” It turns out that the fairer sex get frustrated and feel undervalued and unchallenged, so they quit before they make it to the executive level. Women don’t, however, chalk it up to not being good at math and slink home to become housewives. They move to other firms in search of intellectual stimulation. Rinse, repeat.

In other words, companies ensure women’s attrition by boring them to death.

The article quotes a woman who denies that she was ever mommy-tracked at General Electric, where an eyepopping 15% of corporate officers are women.