May 07 2005

Kansas Lacks Clue Re: Truth And Beauty


In another instance of fucktards-of-faith imposing their delusions on the sane segments of society, Kansas is changing the definition of science. Henceforth in Kansas–a state one was never likely to confuse with the sharpest knife in the national drawer–the word science now means "superstitious godbag hoodoo-voodoo." This brilliant strategy–that of redefining universal truths using a public forum of uneducated fanatics who imagine the properties of the physical universe to be editable through sheer force of evangelical will–will ensure that future generations of Kansans are unimpeded in their relentless pursuit of ignorance and bigotry.

Here is a very nice post on the subject from DKos. It begins "My problem with this debate is that this isn’t about being pro-religion or anti-religion or faith-neutral; it’s about institutionalizing stupidity as a valid lifestyle choice." And it keeps getting better.

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  1. Jim McCulloch

    Good post. Kudos.

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