May 08 2005

Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of No Pants Day

In Which the Author Seeks to All The Suck the Fun Out Of A Youthful Prank

For those still clinging doggedly to the illusion that patriarchy doesn’t exist, I present these two fotos, copped from the No Pants Day website. Cast your keen eye upon them. Compare and contrast.




Observe that the dudes wear boxer shorts, which are pants, and that the girls wear Hello Kitty undies, which are lingerie. Clearly, the subliminal message conveyed by male pantslessness is something altogether different than that of female pantlessness. The former is an exuberant expression of the belief that the world is one’s oyster; the latter, an acquiesence. One could argue that women, for whom pantlessness via the feminizing skirt is in fact the culturally-mandated costume for a preponderance of occasions, have been forcibly de-pantsed by society for centuries.

Thus does the the body language pictured above (soldiers at Iwo Jima vs. cheesecake) reveal all. One applauds the fuck-the-establishment spirit of these kids, but feels they may have fallen somewhat short of the mark; young women posing in their underwear on the Internet is hardly an expression of radical iconoclasm.