May 09 2005

Gunpoint Robbery Of Human Dignity

My Senfronia

Did you know that there’s a Rhetoric Society of America? Well there is! And, like all the cool kids, they’ve got a blog. Which is sponsored by UT’s Computer Writing and Research Lab.  A couple of weeks ago this blog published Senfronia Thompson’s impassioned oration on that foul same-sex marriage ban (HJR 6), so if you missed it, here’s your big chance. Dropping such metaphrasic bombs as “gunpoint robbery of human dignity” and “this amendment is blowing smoke to fuel the hell-fire flames of bigotry,” it brings a tear to the eye. Senfronia is my new celebrity crush. Rightly or wrongly, I’m choosing to ignore her inclusion of the somewhat troubling remark “I realize that gay rights are not the same as civil rights.”

First, the homos. Next, the Muslims. The pattern of exclusion, my young cloves, is merely the ugly head reared in preparation for the pattern of extermination, coming soon to an ex-democracy near you.

Fun fact: the author of Gay Exclusion Bill HJR 6, Representative Warren Chisum, has also authored a bill to proclaim June “Texas Picnic Month.” This bill, which stipulates that “the picnic is a luxury highly suitable to a democratic society,” will prohibit anyone with the “gay gene” from eating outside during the Wedding Month.