May 09 2005

Monday Guitar-Wanker-Blogging

Eric Sardinas don’t need no stinking instrument cable

"I will devour you. But first I must shred."


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  1. Dean

    Heh. That is a goofy picture.

    FYI, Eric Sardinas plays blues, not metal, so I doubt if he’s doing much shredding. However, he may be getting down getting funky and/or getting on the good foot, depending on the day of the week, his contractual obligations, and how worked up the audience gets.

  2. Dean

    Hey, I forgot – I’ve actually got something now to put in the “URL” space in the comments sections! So I did.

    (Sorry to use your comments section in such a cheap, tawdry, self-promoting way, Twisty. Could it be my repressed promo-patriarchial tendencies coming to the fore?)

  3. Twisty

    Yeah, I know; he’s touring with Steve Vai. But just look at him.

  4. Dean

    Here’s a coincidence for ya: Eric Sardinas is in St. Louis, on stage at BB’s, right now, AS I AM TYPING THIS!

    (Cue “Twilight Zone” music)

    I think maybe it’s hard for young white blues guys *not* to look like dorks. If they put on suits, they look like dorks. If they try to dress like rock stars, they look dorky. And if they wear regular casual street clothes, t-shirts, jeans and whatnot: dork city, here we come.

    It’s a sartorial dilemma, to be sure. But then really, what do I know, since I’m pretty much of a dork myself?

    Be thankful for one thing – at least he is not wearing sunglasses in this picture. That’s usually a reliable sign of megadorkdom.

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