May 13 2005

House Armed Services Committee Lacks Clue Re: Sexist Piggery


Pic copped from Jewish World Review

Outside of art museums and Wal-Mart, the military is about as bloatedly patriarchal an institution as exists. So when there’s a bill afoot that would restrict certain people, based on their reproductive organs, from participating, via the military, in the killing and raping and pillaging ordered by our “theocratic regime of glowering, Jew-hating misogynists”, The Twisty Institute of Patriarchy-Blaming is torn. Our Prime Directive requires us to wax grouchy whenever The Man tries to keep a sister down, but we don’t wish to inadvertently endorse the killing and raping and pillaging. Military belligerence is pretty high on the old shitlist, actually.

The aforementioned bill? The House Armed Services Committee wants to ban women from serving in combat support units. This action would add a note of warm fuzziness to a bill passed in the 90’s that banned women from actual macho combat.

In addition to legislating full-on discrimination, the amendment also

a) reinforces a primitive and unattractive cultural inclination to infantilize women (which inclination is at the root of retarded news copy like “35 died in the blast, including 16 women and children.” Like, what? It’s more poignant when pathetic creatures like women are killed in blasts? Or women = children? Or what?)
b) preserves as a men-only club the most precious jewel in the patriarchal crown (besides hair products that look like spink): the right to go shoot motherfuckers in manly warfare
c) ignores the reality that women are already serving in real combat
d) preemptively removes Obstacle #1 for the reinstitution of the draft (which should freak out even the non-feminists)

Cleveland’s News Channel 5, which is where I turn for all my hard-hitting investigative journalism, reports:

“[Amendment author New York Rep. John McHugh (R)] said the current policy doesn’t serve women well. He said it places them in a company and treats them as equal until it’s time to move forward, and then they have to be left behind.”

In other words, the military are already discriminating against women, but McHugh doesn’t want this injustice to hurt their feelings, so we might as well try to shield the pathetic babymakers from disappointment by taking our blatant sexism to the next level.



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  1. Susan / holdingpattern

    I just found your blog today and I love your pissed-off, bitter brand of feminism. You are an excellent writer as well. Whatever you post, I shall read.

  2. Twisty

    Dear Susan Holdingpattern

    What a nice surprise to hear from someone who isn’t telling me to shut up! I deduce from your blog that you and I are two hearts that beat as one. For example, soy milk makes me fart, too! Not only that, but I have a horrid pink bathroom!


  3. William Wend

    I just found this blog recently as well and I love it!

  4. Twisty

    Gosh, thanks!

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