Jun 03 2005

Friday Tearjerker


This is Fletchy. He is a 6-month-old Golden Retriever puppy. He was purchased from a hunter in San Antonio who thinks he is a gun dog breeder. This hunter, a redneck and a douchebag, had the bright idea of putting a plastic zip-tie around the puppy’s neck for a collar. "Set it and forget it!" was his motto. And he didn’t give that zip-tie another thought, apparently oblivious to the fact that puppies, you know, grow. Several weeks went by. By the time young Fletchy was rescued from this fucktard, the plastic zip-tie had done all the gross things you are imagining.

What makes this offensive episode even more appalling is that the redneck hunter turned out to have a day job as a licensed medical doctor working in an actual emergency room. Howdja like to show up on that guy’s gurney with an obstructed windpipe?

I disgorge this sad story that I might publicly marvel at the astonishing stupidity and depravity of which even supposedly educated people are capable. I wonder if the cruel redneck ER hunter graduated from KU, the school that produced not only the infamous uterus-brander, but the despicable Bush appointee and rapist W. David Hager. The existence of all three of these guys is what makes the Bush administration’s insistence on laying the blame for Abu Ghraib on those few non-commissioned yokels such a joke. Indifference to suffering is not just a disease of an ignorant few. It’s everywhere.

Fletchy, by the way, is now living happily in a fake Tuscan villa in Barton Creek. He has made a full recovery and shows great promise as an airborn Frisbee-catcher. I’ll be watching his future career with considerable interest and a wide-angle lens.


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  1. Susan / holdingpattern

    Ugh. Horrific. I am so glad that ass no longer cares for this beautiful dog.

  2. a nut

    (I can’t remember what brought me here, but I am so that counts right?)

    Our oldest dog was found at a now ex-neighbors job site (large truck hauling) and he brought her home. She scared the first family she lived with and so we took her bc, hey, why not?

    She’s 13 now and has had hip problems for at least the last 4. When she was xrayed at the beginning of this impediment, we found out that her back two vertabrae were fused together, meaning that someone had not liked her very much while she was in puppy-state and broke them at some point. At the time we took her, she was severely dehydrated; would not go outside for fear she wouldn’t be let in but then loved it outside and would sit and sun herself for hours; refused to go into anything/room dark or small (like a doghouse or a bathroom) for a very very long time and gulped all her food like she was never going to eat again.

    She’s been the best dog ever for the last 13 years or so but her health has been declining steadily. We’re all definitely going to miss her.

  3. Twisty

    Greetings, Nut. Glad to have you.

    I’ve got a similar story; my main dog, the excellent Zippy, now 12, was found as a 4-month-old abandoned in a city park. Her front paws had been broken and her hind quarters atrophied so she couldn’t walk. She got around by scooting on her chest. The vet gave her a week to live, but she effected a miraculous recovery and went on to become the best dog I’ve ever had. She retains a phobia of garbage bags, brooms, and frying pans. If I ever met her former abuser I would kill him with my bare hands.

  4. a nut

    Yep, I agree. I can’t even watch the Animal Police on Animal Planet bc I get so angry and start cursing at the tv. My ex has 2 pit bulls just for the sake of having them and they aren’t treated very well (mostly kept in a crate) but he does give them food/water and doesn’t put zip ties around their necks.

    So glad to hear of success stories!!

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