Jun 04 2005



Earlier today I was daydreaming about a few clever ideas that the major American news organizations might implement to justify their existence. I was thinking that one way would be to do some reporting.

CNN.com, for example, is currently featuring as its top headline the failure of a pretty Alabama teenager, on a graduation trip in Aruba, to show up for her flight home. There are also gripping pieces on the Michael Jackson trial, on how obesity is bad for you, and on a plane that landed, uh, safely.

During graduation season it is illegal for news outlets not to run as many stories as possible on misadventures involving innocent high school seniors, particularly when they are white, blonde, and female. But I was thinking that the interests of truth might be better served if one or two of these hacks were to give the Aryan teen tragedy motif a rest, and instead use their national platform to expose the connection–you knew it was there somewhere–between Bush and villainous Delay henchman Jack Abramoff. The Texas Observer has gamely reported that, as part of his unprecedentedly nefarious effort to pilfer Indian tribal coffers, Abramoff in 2001 billed the Coushatta and Choctaw tribes 25 large for 15 minutes of face time with the president. The Observer correctly identifies this behavior as “pimping the president.”

The president, see, isn’t supposed to use the White House for whoring. The GOP made that very clear during the Clinton administration. Right, Monica?

So I say, what with the national nostalgia for Watergate reaching a fever pitch, let it rip, yo. The time has never been riper for crook exposure.

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