Jun 06 2005

Texas Governor Lacks Clue Re: US Constitution

Rabbi David Stone, Fort Worth’s Jewish Ned Flanders: "Isn’t it awesome to have a godly governor?"
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Undoubtedly it’s all in a day’s work for guys like the Taliban to confuse God with country, to enact vengeful, discriminatory, and patently insane legislation, and to celebrate same in a church amid a cheering throng of the faithful. The Taliban are despotic nutbag fanatics; it makes sense for them. In The Republic, though, this kind of thing just isn’t done.

Until now!

Douchebag-at-large Rick Perry, Republican governor and self-appointed Mullah of Texas, made the NY Times today for taking the unusual step of signing a couple of misogynist gay hate bills at an evangelical revival in Fort Worth. A thousand of Perry’s monomaniacal Christian soldiers (and one Jew for Jesus) at the Calvary Evangelical School egged him on as he tossed around meaningless phrases like “activist judges” and “sacred bond between a man and a woman.”

The first bill targets pregnant teenagers–already the least empowered, if I can use that word, of any class of people in the country–by requiring them to get their parents’ permission before having an abortion. The second measure didn’t even need a signature, but he signed it anyway because he hates homos just that much: the proposed constitutional amendment to write into Texas law discrimination against homosexuals, in the shape of one of those wildly trendy gay marriage bans.

It’s pretty demoralizing to spring from your bed, skip downstairs to a waiting cup of caffe americano, and breathe in the first breezes of summer, only to read all about how your government has no problem selling you out for a couple of fundamentalist godbag votes.

The words “pro-life” sound pretty insane coming from a guy who executes retards who believe in Santa Claus.