Jun 12 2005

Godbags + Fetuses = LUV 4 EVER

Honeymoon at Jesus Beach

What can the motive be behind Godbag Nation’s hysterical love affair with the non-viable second-trimester fetus? Our governor-mullahs claim they are “protecting the unborn” because they “love life.” I am sorry to say that this is a lie. Their behavior toward most organisms more accurately suggests the moral development of something that crawled out of a rotten log after a hot rain. Although this perhaps does log-dwelling invertebrates everywhere a disservice.

It cannot have escaped your notice that the minions of patriarchy rarely exhibit the slightest interest in living things, except insofar as they can be exploited. They torture their food before they eat it. They mow down forests to make Victoria’s Secret catalogs. They are happy to propel into inevitability the most catastrophic multi-species die-off in the history of the planet (which die-off, incidentally, ensures the eventual extinction of their own species).

When one considers the behavior of these ideologues toward other humans, this nonchalance makes perfect sense. For a group who claim to be so fond of human life, they don’t really seem to like people very much. Of their fellow man, “kill off the brown ones!” seems more or less to be the motto. The ones they don’t kill, they enslave. Their predecessors were brilliantly successful in depriving of life the brown people inhabiting North America before Columbus showed up with the words “rape and pillage” tingling on his lips. The current regime are conducting a stunning massacre of brown people in Iraq, and are blissfully ignoring another one in Darfur. How they must chuckle about it as they breakfast on pesticide-flavored strawberries, picked by indentured Mexican slaves in California.

But I digress.

Since it can be established that what most fundamentalists actually love is saying that they love life, and that they will not hesitate at oppression, environmental cataclysm, or mass-murder to prove it, it follows that the fascination for fetuses somehow advances their scorched-earth agenda. But how? We already know that they don’t care a fig for fetuses that become fully realized human infants, for the Bush administration is, among other things, calling for cuts to programs that would keep many of them from starving. We also know that fetuses, with their rudimentary brains and callous disregard for politics, don’t vote. We also know that once they become people, the government thinks nothing of abusing them, discriminating against them, allowing them to go hungry, or sending them off to be killed in some war. Thus, the secret of the fetus’ allure must lie, not in its brilliant post-natal future, but in its current fetusness, and in its relationship to its host.

Recall that a patriarchy cannot endure women running around loose, deciding for themselves whether they want to host fetuses. They haven’t the authority; a woman’s uterus belongs to the state, to be disposed of according to its interpretation of ancient texts written by misogynist barbarians.

Enter that charismatic glob of cells, the fetus. Its wild popularity as an indispensable tool of male supremacy is no accident! Here are just a few of its handy features:

• It’s easy to make, as it results from the implementation of the preferred patriarchal hobby

• It costs next to nothing, since it can be abandoned into poverty with its whore of a mother after it has been brought to term

• It conveniently reduces the status of the woman carrying it to that of a warming drawer

• Since it is an unthinking blob and is in no position to object, it can be marketed as needed, as “a baby,” or the manifestation of God’s Will, or the Fulfillment of Woman’s Destiny, or The Miracle Of Life, or Absolute Love, or Evidence of Wanton Sluttiness, the better to control women’s sexuality.

You know, it’s funny you don’t see more Hummel figurines shaped like non-viable second-trimester fetuses.

Thanks to Feministe for the link to the Majikthese post that got me thinking about the NVSTF.


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  1. Jim McCulloch

    This and your previous post are really good. There is some good writing on the internets, but your aptitude for what a superannuated hippie like myself would admiringly call a full-tilt-boogie harangue is unsurpassed. And that this harangue has the additional virtue of being completely on-target makes it better. You should have a wider audience.

  2. Twisty

    Alas, Jim, the market for the self-righteous full-tilt-boogie harangue is extremely limited, as I discovered while in the employ of the nefarious New Times company. But I blushingly thank you for the most kind compliment. No flies on you, either, I might add.

  3. Lauren

    Christ, that picture made me snort.

  4. deja pseu

    I’d bet good money that if, instead of raping and murdering women and born children, the thugs in Darfur had opened free abortion clinics, the Booshies would have sent the marines. Or at least would have turned two-facedly to the UN to demand they send in troops.

  5. Lauren

    Jim, I agree. This blog is great! Why haven’t we met, Ms. Twisty? It’s lovely to meet you.

  6. rhondda

    I just found you too and I will return. My search for smart women bloggers was in part triggered by the fight at daily kos. Women linking to other women about it has led me to some great sites. I like your attitude,the food looks wonderful and your nature stuff is great too.

  7. rhondda

    I just want to add that your hummel figurines comment just cracked me up. If I was a sculptor, I would make them and try and sell them to the snowflake people, just for the sake of trying it. But I am not, so the fantasy suffices.

  8. Ray

    The thing with the fundies is, their notion of the sanctity of life begins at conception and ends right about the time the new baby needs health care.

  9. Twisty

    Lauren, I am delighted to make your acquaintance. I hope the snort didn’t hurt.

  10. Twisty

    Rhondda, creation of the fetus figurine has long been on my to-do list. It had never occurred to me to market’em, though. Characteristically blind to its obvious commecial potential, I was merely planning to add it to my Diorama of Patriarchy-Blaming.

  11. Brandon

    Interesting post. I think it is good.

  12. Masculiste

    OK, let me see if I’ve got this…you’re FOR stem cell research? Cool.

  13. judgemc

    Great blog! If you could make a pair of fetus earings I might be interested in them.

  14. Jami

    definitely. if our culture kills iraqis, may as well go whole hog and kill whatever we can!

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