Jun 12 2005

Speaking of Eggs

In a country where their government pays their teachers to lie to them about basic scientific fact, it is no great surprise that so many of the American townsfolk persist in confusing zygotic organisms with babies. The preservation of their ignorance has made it easier for them to resurrect a favorite notion: that where the reproductive organs of the sex class are concerned, Science = Satan.

The Midwestern proletariat appears to suffer from a species of Stockholm syndrome; the ruling class believes it can, through sheer force of evangelical will, recalibrate the physical laws of the universe into positions more favorable to its political goals (viz. the Earth was created 6000 years ago by a human-loving superhero who invented the USA as a playground for white people; male humans are genetically hardwired to come unglued at the sight of a pair of boobs; greenhouse gases are not only good for you, they give you bullet-proof erections; That 70’s Show is funny, et. al), and the proles, lobotomized by groupthink and desperate to please their oppressors, fall into flag-worshiping lockstep.

Fortunately, Majikthese, the most articulate writer on the whole wide web, is on the case with a dispassionate, breath-of-fresh-essay in which she clarifies the moral standing of a clot of embyronic material. I hope I’m not spoiling the ending by revealing one of her most delicious arguments: that a piglet, with its “much richer mental life,” has “a stronger claim to be left alone” than a non-viable second-trimester fetus.

Alas, I am called away on urgent spinster aunt business, but don’t imagine for a second that this is all I have to say on the subject of non-viable second-trimester fetuses!