Jun 13 2005

Monday Pie Painting Blogging

Now this is my kinda pie porn

Wacky news! It turns out that patriarchy-blaming is not at all the reclusive, obsolete, oddball hobby I thought it was! That is, if the slew of veteran patriarchy-blamers who stopped in over the weekend to give my pie fight post the once-over is any indication. Thanks to links from about 4317 muy fabuloso feminist blogs, several of which I never knew existed, I have had the opportunity to make the internettical acquaintance of quite a few like-minded girls and boys. So, howdy from Austin, all yall new patriarchy-blamers!

In other news: I find listening to The Mars Volta intensely distressing. Sue me.


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  1. rhondda

    So, please excuse my ignorance, but what is the Mars Volta?

  2. Twisty

    The Mars Volta is a critically acclaimed overwrought rock band. The singer is one of those high-pitched emoting dudes; the music is, I’m sure, hard to play. But don’t take my word for it. You can hear exerpts from the oeuvre at iTunes.

  3. buttonwillow

    What!?! NEW patriarchy blamers?
    I’ve been blaming the patriarchy for 38 years!

  4. Twisty


    Poor choice of words. I should have said “new to me.” Anyway, keep on blaming!

  5. Aaron

    Blaming patriarchy is a long and honorable tradition. I can dig it.

    I don’t know if Mars Volta are any good, but if they’re like Coheed and Cambria, I like them. But prog-influenced music is not for everyone. It’s sort of an acquired taste.

  6. Mimbreno

    I’m more of a “dominant culture blamer,” but as it is a patriarchy I’m happy to pitch in.

  7. Twisty

    Well, Mimbreno, because I belong to the sloppy scholarship/hippie school of blaming, I use the term “patriarchy” pretty interchangeably with “The System” and “The Establishment” and “white male supremacy.” I assure you, if the dominant culture was gay androids, I’d totally be blaming them.

  8. Andrea

    All the cool kids are blaming the patriarchy these days. Any day now several major hollywood celebrities will come out of the closet as patriarchy-blamers. Just watch!

  9. Crys T

    This is my first time here (though, scarily, the “post a comment” section already knows my name), and I love it.

    Can I stick around and do some patriarchy-blaming, too?

  10. Twisty

    Please do, Chrys T. Patriarchy-blaming, though a rewarding solitary pastime, also delivers uniform satisfaction in a group context. Blame away!

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