Jun 19 2005

Sausage Poetry Korner

Combo plate from which all the delicious sausage has already been eaten, The Salt Lick Barbecue Restaurant, Driftwood TX

If there’s a dish
For which I wish
More frequent than the rest

If there’s a food
On which I brood
When starving or depressed,

If there’s a thing that life can give
Which makes it worth our while to live

If there’s an end
On which I’d spend
My last remaining cash,

It’s sausage, friend
It’s sausage, friend
It’s sausage, friend, and mash.

attrib. A.P. Herbert (1890-1971)

Thanks to Craig Williams for the link to the sausage ode and the corny pictures of spam-loaf and whatnot.

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  1. White Trash Peg

    “Without Sausage
    Without Bacon,
    All Life’s Purpose
    Is Forsaken”

    …makes me cry someone is actually reading my website.
    Peg from The Museum of Culinary Disasters

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