Jun 23 2005

Dinner With Charlton

Twisty’s dinner is people! No wait, it might be almond-crusted grouper with sesame bok choy.

I got outside this tasty morsel while enjoying a swell misogynist double-feature: a) Soylent Green on cable, and b) an article about how men employed in the Bush White House earn an average of $76,000 a year, whereas–I don’t really even have to say it, do I?– women make only $59,000.

Soylent Green. What a confection! Who wouldn’t enjoy stuffing her craw with grouper while watching a film about the dystopian future we all face if the fucking government doesn’t get off its can about global warming and peak oil? Especially when all the women are cast, literally, as “furniture”? That may be the best part. When you rent an apartment in the year 2022, it comes with all mod cons: heat, hot water, and a hooker.

Compared to the Bush Age, Soylent Green’s future America is a paradise, even if it does contain Charlton Heston and few vegan dinner options.

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  1. deja pseu

    There was actually another Charleton Heston sci-fi/dystopia move that came out about the same time that had a bigger impact on me as I was far more frightened by it. Some plague takes over the planet and everyone either dies or becomes these vampiric people who lose all their pigmentation and can only go out in the dark. I remember their leader was named Matthias. The Heston character has the antibody to the plague and a blood transfusion from him can cure the disease. Anyhow, it probably wasn’t as well conceived of a dystopia, but it was a much scarier movie for my little 13-year old brain than “Soylent Green”. Today, I’d probably find SG much more disturbing.

  2. nolo

    The other Heston sci-fi dystopia flick was “Omega Man,” and yes, it rocked.

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