Monthly Archive: July 2005

Jul 30 2005

Sisters Ordaining It For Themselves

I didn’t have a picture of a beignet, but I just happened to have this snap of Bert. Revolution: Only A Beignet Away It is the nature of the spinster aunt — which nature is by definition that of the free-wheelin’ iconoclast — to prefer liberation to namby-pamby equality, to throw out the bath-water regardless …

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Jul 29 2005

Misogyny Travelogue 2005: Spotlight on The Subcontinent

I eat skin! Roasted chicken with leeks, potatoes, Brussel’s sprouts and a rose-raspberry-lime sauce Americans have never heard of the Asian subcontinent, but I am pretty sure that even if they had, they wouldn’t give a fig for the plight of its female inhabitants-of-color. Which is why the only news that comes out of the …

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Jul 27 2005


Young Bert: still cute. A spinster aunt knows she’s doin’ something right, or possibly wrong, with the good old blog when it elicits comments like this one from reader Christine: "I read this blog for the first time yesterday and it haunted me all night." Does one laugh or cry? Meanwhile, Jim Butcher, author of …

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Jul 26 2005

Chucking Oprah

Oprah flashes the Secret Sign of the Vulva to her fanatical cult followers, probably a signal to go see the new Tom Cruise movie (photo O Magazine, June 2005) Despite the world’s vast reserves of sublimely crappy literature that remain largely unmocked by my giant brain, over there on the floor of the Twisty laboratory …

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Jul 25 2005


Here at the Twisty Bungalow it’s All Bertie, All The Time! It’s a triumph for patriarchy!  A brain-dead woman is being kept alive by machines so her cancer-riddled body can bring a fetus to term. According to the Family Spokesman, Susan would have wanted it that way. Hell, maybe she would have. I know if …

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Jul 22 2005

PuppyWatch ’05: Still Cute

I now take a break from reflecting on the cuteness of Bert to reflect on one example of what promises to blossom into a relentless buttload, albeit an ultimately ineffective one, of anti-John Roberts propaganda. I allude to a bit of reportage at the Boston Globe illuminating the political views of Roberts’ wife, Jane Sullivan …

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Jul 21 2005

How To Be A Feminist Fella After Getting Lambasted By Feminists

Pork mole taco from Tacodeli, South Austin. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more porkly, and more vesuviate. For the sake of Truth on the Internet, if that’s not an oxymoron, allow me to clarify a small point: I have not, repeat NOT, sworn off fried shrimp tacos. But this does …

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Jul 20 2005

Emergency Cute Puppy Post

Where have I been all day? I’ll tell you where. In Leander, Texas, picking up my NEW PUPPY! Because the golden retriever breeders in Texas are like a kind of Mafia, I have been waiting for this puppy for seven months. His name is Bertie and he’s seven weeks old. I regret to say that …

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Jul 20 2005

Fried Shrimp Tacos

Fried shrimp tacos at Chango. I have not sworn off’em, but I probably should. One thing that’s really fun to do is, to mock the comments made by goobers on other peoples’ blogs. So let’s get started! If you regularly make the rounds of the feminist blog circuit you have probably heard about the women-only …

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Jul 19 2005

Easy Being Green

Some species of acridid, possibly an immature differential grasshopper, enjoying its carefree verdant youth on the Twisty sweatshirt. My catch-and-release scheme was foiled by the specimen’s leaping expertise. I’ll probably find it on my pillow tomorrow morning.

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