Jul 02 2005

Twisty’s Kommentary Korner

Visitors to I Blame The Patriarchy possess enough blogulence to know that they should be reading Majikthese daily, but just in case you haven’t lately, please be advised that she is currently providing information on zombie dogs and a race of female super-geckos. Not only that, she’s got another one of those irresistible essays containing sensible remarks like this one:

Members of the red team who reject evolution because of its moral implications are deeply confused about science and morality. I would argue that their reticence also bespeaks a lack of faith and/or a muddled theology. They deserve the same courtesy as anyone who is advancing a view in a public debate, but they don’t deserve any special deference from us because their beliefs are well-intentioned and/or faith-based.

You should really read the whole thing, though.