Jul 04 2005

Love American Style

Jesus to Mary Magdalen: “I’d like to hook you up with some basic health care, but my holy father George W Bush has decreed that you must spread AIDS throughout the third world.”

“I really like Roberto Cavalli fashion because it is so sexy. And I think he will do something amazing with the tail.”

— Playboy Bunny “Stacey from L.A.”, on the new sexbot bunny uniforms to be designed by the aforementioned Cavalli, who innovatively claims to have “always dreamed about Bunny Girls.” (via IHT)

Elsewhere in the New York Times, an editorial points out that the Bush administration has suspended the First Amendment for American AIDS workers overseas. In order to get government jack, AIDS groups are now required to tow the party line regarding prostitution (the party, FYI, just says no to hookers), despite the fact that in many strange and exotic lands, “controlling AIDS among prostitutes and their clients is the key to keeping the disease from exploding into the general population.” The new requirement that Americans abroad pooh-pooh the sex trade will sorely impede their ability to help the women stuck in the life.

The Bush administration, of course, believes that helping Bangladeshi sex workers get a pair of shoes so they can visit a health clinic makes life too cushy for’em. W views prostitution as a lifestyle choice. Those 15,000 Bangladeshi women who were kidnapped and forced into sex slavery last year were probably asking for it. And in any case, W would prefer that impoverished third world women just nobly starve to death, the way brown people with big pleading eyes are supposed to do, rather than shamefully try to stay alive by selling it. Isn’t that what Jesus told Mary Magdalen?

Dehumanize, objectify, exploit, and punish. W stands for Women!


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  1. Samantha

    I do not like Bush and the people he works for and I do not agree with the cookie-cutter approaches they take to this issue or others, but the NYTimes is not helping by focusing on AIDS prevention instead of stopping the men who organize rape houses where people like those 15,000 Bangladeshi are enslaved.

    It bothers me when I see it suggested thousands of humans should endure imprisonment and multiple daily rapes so that AIDS doesn’t “explode into the general population”, as if prostituted people and the men who pay pimps and traffickers for access to their bodies aren’t part of the general population. If they were not considered more expendable than “the general population” we wouldn’t allow their lives and health to be ravaged the way prostitution slavery destroys them just like we wouldn’t suggest if Negroes on plantations in 1850 had better shoes to walk themselves to hospitals their enslavement would be tolerable.

    When Western men cross their fingers and hope to come back disease-free from sexually abusing women and children in the Third World for the enjoyment and delight of it, crates of condoms are not the answer (and not just because women. wives or prostitutes, or other, can’t enforce condom use without risking male violence).

    The women aren’t selling it to try and stay alive, “it” is stolen from them and their lives are much shorter for it.

  2. Josh Narins

    Dr Green is on Bush’s Presidential Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS, and I think I have dug around in his footnotes and shown he is a fraud.

  3. Twisty

    Samantha, while I agree that prostitution, whether in the third world or in Akron Ohio, is one of patriarchy’s cruelest gestures, I don’t think the point of the NY Times editorial was to suggest that prostitutes are sub-human and therefore it is OK if they contract HIV, or that prostitution is a great way to make a few bucks. It merely pointed out a way in which the Bush administration is making it difficult for AIDS workers to provide even minimal assistance to those trapped in the life. Obviously, addressing the issues that result in sex slavery remains the larger goal, but in the meantime, those women need advocates.

  4. Samantha

    It wasn’t the point of the piece, but it was accomplished nonetheless and that was my point. Most people saying “women and children” don’t intend to infantilize women by the association but by merging the two it results. Prostitutes and men who use prostitutes are “the general population”, not a seperate group that can be de-merged to make a barrier of bodies between AIDS and people who really matter, people who are not prostitutes.

    In the NYT’s doggedness to attack Bush the editors used the horror of prostitution as a prop and made invisible, as always, the billion-dollar sex industry and the men who are the real problem, men like the readers of their newspaper. It comes off like Bush opposes giving shoes to poor people trapped in brothels and because of the Bush Administration the poor dearies will suffer, but Bush isn’t the problem in these people’s lives and using their plight to score anti-Bush points is exploitive while doing nothing constructive for the people they’d like me to believe are the point of their criticism.

    It’s not a new tactic and it’s not only the NYTimes that does it. The same idea of disposable women is invoked when people say men should be able to rent some women’s bodies so they won’t rape non-prostituted women. It also rears its ugly head when rumours of a middle class German woman being pushed into prostitution at the risk of losing unemployment benefits stirs up an international bee’s nest while poor women pushed into prostitution daily because there are no benefits is merely “selling it to stay alive” and no cause for alarm.

    I sooooo do not want to defend Dubya and his reactionary, terrible administration, and I have big problems with their black & white approach, but awareness of sex trafficking has soared since he came into office and the past few years have seen leaps forward in federal and state laws dealing with trafficked immigrants and addressing American sex tourism abroad. The re-stated proclamation that US military soldiers will be arrested and prosecuted for purchasing prostituted women is a tremendous step and it has changed behaviors even if it remains mostly ignored (as many laws are by soldiers). The U.S. and Swedish governments recently launched a cooperative campaign with the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and the European Women’s Lobby to to assist victims of trafficking, challenge legalization of the sex industry in Europe, and address the demand.

    It bothers me to see liberals knee-jerk against the small good of the clock being right twice a day to hammer in, once again, that the Bush administration is 100% Pure Evil, especially when it’s done at the expense of a population most people feel comfortable exploiting in their own ways (insert rant about pro-porn, pro-prostitution feminists here).

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