Jul 10 2005

At Last! Radical Feminism Explained By Right-Wing Dude


Australian feminist Vida Goldstein, the first woman to stand for Parliament in the British Empire, wrote: ‘No self-governing A-list liberal blog can prosper without the political aid of women.’

In the course of my prescribed program of daily frittering, I stumbled–it matters not how–across the Australian blog Larvatus Prodeo, described by another Australian blogger as “Australia’s premier A-list leftwing blog.” It is a group effort edited by a male sociology grad student named Mark in, I think, Brisbane.

Anyway, on Mark’s A-list left-wing blog, I encountered a post called What Women Want Blog Day. Trendily, Mark is sounding the call for chick blogs. Out of roughly 90 titles in his sidebar, only 17 are written by women. He’d “like to see more,” although he does not explain why he has thus far been prevented from seeing them, or even why he wants to see them at all. Is it so he can cover his ass later, when he’s accused of gender bias, saying, “I asked for chick blogs! Is it my fault there aren’t any?” Nah! Mark seems like a nice guy. I’m sure he wants his readers to “nominate” women bloggers because he totally respects The Female Perspective. Hell, some of his best guest bloggers are girls!

Anyway, featured in the comments to Mark’s desperate appeal for snatch to reprazent is an exchange on the perennial mystery of What Women Want. Meg, a female commenter, points out that women want what all humans do: love, food, housing, healthcare, education, respect, the chance to achieve their goals. But young Meg knows well that whenever a woman attempts to point out to a group of men on a premier A-list left-wing blog that she is a human being, she will be attacked; anticipating the inevitable, she prefaces her remarks with tired resignation: “Le sigh. Why I’m biting I don’t know.”

Sure enough, here is the near-immediate shut-the-fuck-up-bitch response of Evil Pundit, who I’m wildly guessing is a dude: “[Your list] is a good summary of the things feminism tries to deny to men–with considerable success.”

Evil Pundit, displaying the incisive fratboy no-chick-is-the-boss-of-me perspicacity of evil pundits on A-list left-wing blogs the world over, goes on to say that “feminism [deprives men of human rights] by conceiving of sexual equality as a zero-sum game. That is, radical feminists believe that in order to have something, women must take it away from men. The others go along with them.”

Evil pundits. They just love to explain “radical feminism” to us stupid women. They are authorities on the subject, since radical feminists and their impressionable, misguided followers have been robbing men of their liberty ever since women got the vote, leaving them and their hapless brothers bruised and bleeding from their asses in the ditch as we swarm the globe, seizing wealth, personal sovereignty, and political power, forever starting wars and committing genocide, flying planes into skyscrapers, telling men they look fat in their Dockers and forcing them to bear children.

I’ll tell you what. I don’t give a fuck about mens’ liberty. Why shouldn’t they keep it? It’s no skin off my nose. I don’t advocate taking anything away from’em that wasn’t theirs to begin with. Because, guess what. Radical feminism isn’t about vengeance, or even about  “sexual equality.” It is about liberation from patriarchal oppression. Of course, if liberation happens to collaterally effect the freedom from ever having to listen to gasbag fucktards like Evil Pundit again, I wouldn’t complain.


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  1. norbizness

    There are 17 out there? That is a bewildering array, way more than any one person can absorb. Thank goodness that other jackass is trying to put those feminists in their place; hopefully they will be shamed out of the boys’ club, and the total can be pared down to a manageable figure like 5 or 6.

  2. Evil Pundit

    I’m not trying to explain feminism to women.

    It’s men who need to know what feminism really is, so they can cease supporting it, to their own detriment.

    Without the continuing acquiescence of men, feminism would be ineffectual.

  3. Lauren

    Without the continued acquiesence of white dudes, human rights would be ineffectual.

  4. Protagoras

    Er, evil pundit, a lot of us guys aren’t completely stupid. Have you ever considered that one possible explanation for why a lot of us disagree with you about feminism is that we’re right and you’re wrong? Glancing at Meg’s list, I find myself completely unable to think of any instance where a feminist in any way hindered my access to any of those things. If you’re finding yourself unable to adequately pursue your own interests, I do have a theory as to why that might be, but it probably wouldn’t be polite to go into detail.

  5. rhondda

    Personally, I think he is a neocolonial sepoy and cainotophobic.

  6. bitchphd

    WTF is going on? Your site, this Australian guy, PZ Myers, Kevin Drum (again, le sigh), I had a troll at my place (who I played ban-ip-spoof-ip with for a while, but I deleted all but his first three comments b/c I’m a bitch like that)….

    Was there some kind of action alert sent out to the International Order of Assholes this weekend or something?

  7. bitchphd

    Oh, and Christ, Amanda’s too.

  8. Chris Clarke

    Without the continuing acquiescence of men, feminism would be ineffectual.

    It’s not acquiescence, pink boy. It’s a fervent desire to play our little part to help our sisters bring schmucks like you down. Your days are numbered; resistance is irrelevant. You will be absorbed.

  9. Kate

    It was I who linked to your site from LP because I’m an occasional guest-poster there and I love your work — I wanted to share the patriarchy blaming goodness with my fellow Australian feminist bloggers. Of which there are few…

    Feminism is more nascent here than in the US; women’s voices are often drowned out here in a sea of “shut up and stop talking about chick issues”. So, in defense of LP, Mark does want to find out about more women bloggers — he’s not being rhetorical, he’s seeking to redress an imbalance. Which is why I posted the link to your site.

    And I’m glad you’ve met EP, our resident feminist-hater and all-round defender of the patriarchy. He’s indefagitable and frankly I’ve wasted more than a few precious hours of my life arguing with him, hours I could have spent more productively weeding my garden or walking my dog. Your response was far more eolquent than anything I’ve ever managed, and I thank you for it.

    Oh, and if any of our home-grown Aussie trolls have bothered anyone thanks to our links, I apologise. I know it’s not my fault but I don’t want to see my favourite websites deluged by the same sea of crap that I put up with in the Australian blogpshere.

  10. Evil Pundit

    The men posting here are examples of those who have been co-opted by feminism into cooperating in their own oppression.

    They hope to derive personal advantage by betraying their fellows. Of course, any such advantage is only temporary, and will end when they are no longer needed.

    As for feminism in general, it will continue to oppress men so long as the majority of its victims are unaware of their status. Inevitably, as the number of victims increases, so this awareness will increase. Eventually, a majority of men (and women victimised by feminism) will prevent its further porogress, and act to restore equality between the sexes.

  11. norbizness

    Who leaked the plan?

  12. deja pseu

    Hmmm…EP is oddly reminiscent of D*v*d Byr*n, notorious anti-feminist troll. I think he was an Aussie too.

  13. deja pseu

    Or should I say “woman-hating” troll. The bile that particular individual spews goes beyond anti-feminism.

  14. Chris Clarke

    The men posting here are examples of those who have been co-opted by feminism into cooperating in their own oppression.

    Jooooin usssssssss…


  15. mb

    EVIL PUNDIT, Gooooood. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you. Give in to your anger! Soon Feminism will be crushed and young Skywalker (err) will be one of us.

  16. Twisty

    To be fair, Evil Pundit is not technically a troll since I more or less invoked him by calling him a gasbag fucktard and linking to his site. I’m downgrading him to “dissenting delusional buttmunch” status.

  17. NBarnes

    Dude, have you ever been oppressed by a radical feminist? If you had, you wouldn’t think it was such a bad deal. *happy sigh*

  18. amanda

    I’d just like to reiterate Kate’s comments. As a daily reader of Larvatus Prodeo, I can assure you that Mark is not just paying lip service to feminism and women bloggers.

  19. Twisty

    Amanda, color me assured. I am glad to hear it.

  20. Scott Lemieux

    Help! Help! Evil Pundit’s being repressed!

    Jeebus, the quality of reactionary ressentiment is really declining these days.

  21. Mark Bahnisch

    Thanks, Amanda and Kate. My point was that my blogroll was originally designed to cover as many (generally left wing) Australian political blogs as I knew of (there aren’t an enormous amount around – the Ozblogosphere is a lot smaller than the US ‘sphere.

    Personally, I’m quite sceptical of the whole “A-list” thing because I think it reintroduces and reinscribes hierarchies. Many of which are gendered. We can’t escape power relations, but we can do our bit to trouble them.

    And I am certainly not responsible for EP!

  22. Kim

    What Kate and Amanda said.

    The ozblogosphere even in its “A-list” leftie blogs is very boy. LP does indeed try to redress the balance.

    And you may not know that EP, our resident RWDB pussycat, is deeply traumatised by his Sweden-hating.

    I can also let you into what’s not a secret – EP’s view on feminism is driven by his fear of sperm theft. Don’t ask, EP will tell.

  23. Evil Pundit

    You guys are spoiling my fun!


  24. Kim

    See? EP’s just a big soft male pussycat, really. (Loses something without the gravatar, I’ll admit).

  25. Kim

    It looks like I need to do some clarification again in light of this comment at LP, listing 500 “progressive women bloggers” with the implication that some sort of injustice was intended in Mark’s original post – whereas his intent was quite the opposite.

    The Australian blogosphere is much smaller, and there are probably no more than 10 or 15 blogs with any significant readership that comment regularly on politics from a left-wing perspective (note the Australian terminology – not “progressive”). What we were trying to do at LP was to reinterpret the narrow nature of what counts as “political” blogging to include – specifically – women bloggers whose comments on gender issues (as well as others) might cause male bloggers to dismiss them as not being properly “political”.

    I think some assumptions which aren’t familiar with the Australian context have been made.

    Now I’m left feeling rather sad about the whole discussion here because I think that people have been too quick to make their own gendered assumptions, among other things. Oh well.

  26. Kim

    Yikes! Now we’ve copped a serve at Bitch, PhD. This has really become rather depressing.

    Ms Twisty, I think you should try to work out who your friends really are before you dash off a post like this. An email, or a bit more reading, might have clarified things some.

    As a lesbian feminist Australian blogger on a site that’s now being disparaged by US feminist blogs because of a combination of one commenter and a lack of sensitivity to cultural context differing from that of the US blogosphere, I am now left with something of a sour taste in my mouth.

  27. Kim

    I’m sorry for dwelling on this but this really is starting to irk me:

    The more I think about it, the more this sucks. How many male written Australian blogs never mention gender issues or sexuality issues in the context of politics? How many Sophie Massons post heterosexist bile at the drop of the hat? How many of the widely read Australian political blogs ever post queer-affirmative stuff or treat gender politics as properly political and important?

    And this is the blog that now gets attacked by American feminist women.

    The Australian blogosphere is culturally different to the American one and I am coming to the view that Ms Twisty has done herself and people who should be her allies a real disservice by rushing to conclusions and into a post like the one she wrote.

    Ok, I’ll go away now and stop being an uppity Australian woman on this thread.

  28. Evil Pundit

    Yay! Catfight!

  29. Twisty


    Easy, Trigger! Larvatus Prodeo has not been, as you say, “attacked by American feminist women.”

    If you read my post again you will see that any “attack” is confined to your pet slimeball, who you all seem eager to disown (yet I can see why you keep him; he’s fairly good box office). None of the negative comments here have been leveled at Larvatus Prodeo, and as of this writing, the BitchPhD comments seem to be ignoring you completely. Dr B, in fact, expresses her sympathy, not her animosity, when she lists your blog with others that are currently plagued by trolls.

    Perhaps you didn’t notice where I said that Mark seems like a nice guy. I meant it. He does. And Larvatus Prodeo seems like a nice blog. Really. I merely used the circumstance of the 17 out of 90 chick bloggers on your blogroll to invoke what has become a running joke among a few feminist blogs, i.e. that male bloggers are always asking “where are the women bloggers?” as though they can’t figure out how to work Google. Apparently this joke isn’t funny in Australia. What can I say? It killed in the Poconos!

    So, I apologize for having displayed a lack of finesse in the finer points of Aussie blogging. In my defense, this diplomatic failure may be because I am not, you know, Australian, a circumstance over which I have little control, rather than because I am an asshole. Still, I am grateful to you for pointing out that there exist borders in even in blogville, a point, I admit, I had failed to consider previously. I am The Ugly American, and have many impediments to overcome.

    Such as the one that, mysteriously, makes all the Larvatus Prodeo links in this post point back to, uh, this post. What the fuck?

  30. bitchphd

    Kim, as I pointed out to Mark in my comments, I was pointing to a LOT of sites, including THIS ONE, where COMMENT THREADS are being populated by misogynist trolls.

    There is aboslutely no need to take offense at the link in my post unless one is determined to do so. Twisty didn’t, nor did Roxanne, nor Lauren, nor PZ.

  31. Kim

    Um, actually, Ms Twisty, I’m an American citizen myself.

    I may well have over-reacted, and if so, I’m truly sorry but I invite you to reflect on the tone and content of your second paragraph in the original post.

    On the points in your comment, I’m not getting the running joke which is another contextual thing I’m unaware of. Just like EP is a running joke on our blog… if you pat him, he purrs, and goes away, muttering about how much he hates Sweden (running joke…).

    Anyway, my apologies. And to Dr Bitch. I think I read yr post too quickly.

    It’s 1.30am ish here so apologies also for the lack of eloquence or sense in this comment.

  32. Kim

    Another bit of context is that we’re all probably over-sensitive after reeling from some very ugly comments on a thread or two after the London bombings where a number of people kept calling for all Australian Muslims to be deported or forcibly converted, calling all of us terrorist lovers etc. It hasn’t been a good few days in the Ozblogosphere for keeping a calm head, I’m afraid.

    So perhaps I was too quick to suspect friendly fire incoming.

    Sorry again.

  33. Chris

    “A few men hate all women all the time, some men hate some women all of the time, and all men hate some women some of the time.”

    That explains why there are so many trolls available for posts such as these.

    Besides, I know at least three men who had their houses and food stolen by mobs of feminists.

  34. Kate

    First we come for your food. Then we come for your houses. Then we come for your balls! Which we put on sticks! And then we roast them in the righteous fire of our feminist indignation! And then we enjoy them with a nice glass of cab sav! Men, you have been warned.

    Seriously, all this is a storm in a blog cup. Twisty, you have my on-going antipodean support and admiration for your patriarchy blaming.

    Wires were crossed, troll infestations stirred from their usual feeding patterns, and some people posted when tired and emotional. Whatever. When I have my own feminazi world-domination knitting blog, I hope you don’t mind if I link to you.


  35. Evil Swede

    As a swedish woman who at the moment is actively involved in an attempt to create a feminist party, F! or Feministiskt Initiativ if you spell it out, (the issue wont be decided until September)I feel oddly flattered.
    *Evil laughter*

  36. Evil Pundit

    So you should. The Swedish Feminist Party is one of the most sexist organisations in the Western world.

    I believe its founder was the woman who proposed a special tax be levied on men only — perhaps the greatest example of sexual discrimination in policy I’ve yet seen.

    I’m pretty sure its members also include the women who proposed to outlaw the practice of urination from the standing position for men.

    Indeed, as an example of the truly man-hating nature of feminism, Sweden has few equals.

  37. Kim

    Ask EP about his taste in millinery.

    How to deal with an EP: it’s the catechresis, I say. We ozbloggers know our rhetorical figures. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Sorry, I feel like girly silliness tonight.

  38. Kim

    My point – deconstructed – is that humour is the secret weapon of the Ozfeminist bloggers’ nude knitting circle witchcraft collective.

    It’s all in the irony, sisters! And in Orstaya, it’s so hot we always comment in the nude.

    Testing a hypothesis that Australian and American styles of humour are incommensurable.

    Antipodean (inter)[e]ruption over. Please resume normal commentary patterns.

  39. Kim

    And in Orstaya, it’s so hot we always comment in the nude.

    Except in winter when we additionally daub ourselves in body paint extracted from our secret yet highly co-ordinated abductions of right-wing commenters conducted using alien technology that only *initiated* feminists have access to from the Goddess. Ha!

  40. Evil Pundit

    Does anyone else think that woman in the blog title graphic looks retarded?

  41. Samantha

    Rock on, sistafriend Evil Swede. On days the jackasses seem too much I chant the mantra, “Sweden, Sweden, Sweden.” because when it happens in Sweden the world can open it’s mind and see another way is not only possible but preferable.

  42. Samantha

    and posting in the early morning sometimes means misplaced apostrophes. :)

  43. Former Jose

    FEMInazism, FEMInazism.

    If you’re going to be a ridiculous bigoted blowhard, at least get your slurs right, please.

  44. Twisty

    I deleted D. I just cannot abide bad grammar.

  45. Sarah in Chicago

    wow, I see the light now, it’s all so clear … why was I wasting my life fighting for women’s rights, minority rights, gay rights when there was nothing really to be fighting for, when all I was doing was imposing socialism on the poor unsuspecting straight white men.

    I guess I should just ignore all the mountains of evidence and research from around the world, all the writings and speeches from international feminists, all the progress we have made so far … wow, my phd is meaningless too as its in social-pysch and criminology …

    I’ll just dump my girlfriend … can someone find me a man to knock me up so that I can get into the kitchen now?

  46. Sarah in Chicago

    awww Twisty, but he was SUCH fun! ;)

  47. Evil Pundit

    all the writings and speeches from international feminists

    You misspelled “irrational”.

  48. Twisty

    This has become one of those threads. So I’m closing comments on it. Feel free to hate Sweden or women or whoever you want; just do it on someone else’s blog.

  1. Dervish

    Blogs With More Than Half a Brain Cell

    After yesterday’s down rant, I’m sooooo glad to find some blogs showing some unusually insightful perspectives, and feminist ones at that!! (Always nice to find blogs that converge on two of my interests: rebutting clueless conservatives, and feminism…

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