Jul 20 2005

Emergency Cute Puppy Post


Where have I been all day? I’ll tell you where. In Leander, Texas, picking up my NEW PUPPY!

Because the golden retriever breeders in Texas are like a kind of Mafia, I have been waiting for this puppy for seven months. His name is Bertie and he’s seven weeks old. I regret to say that I will probably be inflicting cute puppy pictures on the blog for a couple of more weeks at least. Sorry, but there it is.


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  1. larkspur

    Oh dear lord, I am ded from the ineffable beauty and innocence and may you and Bertie have many happy, happy years together as bestest friends.

    Now you know how to get to me every single time: wee pups.

  2. res publica

    My parents have a golden retriever that we got when I was starting high school. I’m 31 now, and she’s old and grey and not very peppy anymore. She is, however, a beloved part of our family, and I can’t say enough about what exceptionally loving and intelligent dogs golden retrievers are. I know you’ll have many happy years together! :)

  3. Yatima

    Ohmigod! Cute puppy photos! I blame the patriarchy.

    Fab dog.

  4. Kate

    Awwwww. That is one adorable little puppy. Retreivers are such wonderful dogs…

  5. deja pseu

    What a cutie pie!!!!

  6. Wordlackey

    Me, I’ll be happy to view the pics. Nothing like puppies to brighten up the day. Bertie looks to be a cutie. There’s pics of two of our dogs here: http://demiorator.blogspot.com/2005/07/friday-dog-blogging-and-10-random.html. OK they aren’t puppies (6 and 12 years old) but still…

    Hmm… Perhaps I shouldn’t have posted that link. I have no desire to subvert this grand patriarchy blaming blog. But, I mean, a puppy, who can resist?

  7. bitchphd

    Adorable!! And what good timing. The patriarchy has been getting me down lately, but puppies make everything a li’l better.

  8. Crys T

    Awwwwwww, you lucky, lucky woman! It’s always a good time for puppy pix.

  9. travelling punk

    What a cutie pie, I am green from jealousy. I wish I could afford to have a puppy, no time or money at the moment, I’ve had to sette with a guinea pig (he is a bit confused about his role as surogate dog).

    Gratuitous piggy photos can be viewed here http://travellingpunk.blogspot.com/2005/06/eddie.html and here http://travellingpunk.blogspot.com/2005/06/eddie-on-adventure.html

    Pets eh, they’re fab.

  10. WookieMonster

    Inflict away! I don’t mind being inflicted with cute puppies…in fact I add more gratuitous cuteness.

    (That’s Wookie BTW, about 2 years ago at around 4 months old.)

  11. shannon

    He is positively darling. And if he’s as sweet as mine you have just met the love of your life!

  12. megan

    Did you know that there are over one million ways for a puppy to be cute? I, for one, am happy to see photos of most of them.

  13. Kat

    Awww, adorable!

  14. Sarah in Chicago

    Awwwwwww!! *going all squishy from puppy-cuteness*

    Post away on the insanely cute puppy pics Twisty! :)

  15. Mandos

    As a side note, it’s interesting how in Western culture, puppies are one of the very few ways traditionally for boys to openly cultivate nurturing behaviours. I mean, how many “boy gets puppy” stories are there. Lots.

  16. Amanda

    I’m heading to your house and petting your puppy. You’re somewhere in south Austin, right? I will comb the entire area and find your puppy. And pet it. That’s it.

  17. alphabitch

    He’s just so furry, and so … cute. I can’t look any more right now, but I’ll be back and look again. And again.

  18. alphabitch

    Do his feet smell like fritos?

  19. Knotted Knickers

    Way cute. This is the second dog in your household, isn’t it? Just a warning – I love all three of our pooches and wouldn’t give up a one of ’em, but it was a mistake to let the dogs outnumber the people.

    You have been warned.

  20. Twisty

    Yes! Fritos! Thank-you! I’ve been trying to put my finger on that smell, if you’ll pardon the expression, for YEARS!

  21. Dean

    Look at that cute little fella! Good doggie!

    How are he and Zippy getting along so far? Or has Zippy even woken up long enough to notice Bertie?

  22. Twisty

    Zippy, who is 12 and was never the most sociable dog to begin with, dislikes the puppy intensely, but so far she has taken the high road and merely sneers at him.

  23. alphabitch

    I had to come back and look again. He’s still cute. I would probably drive to Austin just to pet him, but my car is still dead.

    I don’t know why it is that all puppies, and most grown-up dogs too, have feet that smell like fritos. Some indoor cats do also, though I haven’t investigated this as thoroughly.

  24. ae

    Thank you for the fuzzy puppy pix! The patriarchy had me screaming my head off yesterday. Bertie was a welcome sight. Can my dingo come over and play?

  25. nicky

    Yes, the pup is adorable. One thing that has always puzzled me, though — why wait years and travel miles to have a designer pet when there are oh so many equally adorable homeless darlings ready and available at any local animal shelter? Never have understood that.

  26. WookieMonster

    Health is one reason. My Wook is a pound puppy, but she also has horrible hip displaysia that set in in puppyhood. It’s horribly heartrending to see the dog you love so much whining in pain when she tries to stand up after a day of playing or even a long walk. I could go for never-ever having to experience that particular heartache ever again, which is why, for my next dog, I’m going to a breeder who has hip certs (and various other health certs) for all dogs in all litters going back several generations (not to mention some of the most gorgeous rotties I’ve ever seen, but that’s not the reason I’m going that route). I’m not getting said dog for years, but I’m already building a relationship with the breeder so that I know and trust that she is breeding not only the right way, but for the right reasons.

    I know that there is a huge pet overpopulation problem and I will NEVER breed myself, but I also see nothing wrong in supporting a breeder who does it right either.

  27. nicky

    Health problems occur in both populations. A good friend recently had to have her 3-year-old Newfoundland put down because of some type of genetic hip-leg joint problem. I also once purchased a purebred honey-colored cocker spaniel puppy, absolutely the most adorable puppy ever on the face of the earth, only to have to rid our household of her within a year for her indisputably psychotic behavior. Heartbreak all around.

    On the other hand, for more than 30 years I’ve had extraordinarily good luck, temperament- and health-wise, with the assorted pound puppies and kitties I’ve adopted. I’m just a champion for the under-dog and under-cat, I guess.

  28. Former Jose

    I am a bad person for saying this, but I’ve been thinking of it ever since the post above went up:


    Heh heh heh heh heh.

  29. Sarah Brodwall

    When I was a kid, we had the most wonderful dog ever, and she came from a shelter. So for all my life, I had previously been of the same mind as you, Nicky. But when it came time to get a dog of my own, I had such strict rules about the kind of dog I could have that the major factor of the unknown you get with a pound animal was not acceptable, not for my sake alone but also for the dog’s. We needed a dog that would get along with strange people, other dogs, and kind because we live in the city with no yard, and we needed a lazy dog that would not require much exercise inside or outside because of an illness of mine. We got a bulldog, Ada Mae, and have never been happier. So there are some reasons for going with a specific breed (but also–remember breed rescue is also an option).

    There is hardly anything in the world cuter than a bulldog puppy, but goldens come close, I must admit. :)

  30. nicky

    Sarah: Breed rescue is indeed a great endeavor. Wonderful work done by caring animal lovers.

    For what it’s worth, best dog I ever had was a stray part-pit bull who followed my son home from school one day. (Well, she did!) Looked like a white-speckled version of Petey on the old “Little Rascals” show. She grew up with my two children and everyone adored her — smart as a whip and our worst fears were that someday she’d wag her hind end off or lick someone to death. She was 15 years old when she succumbed to old age last fall and we all cried like babies for days. So I guess you just never know.

    P.S. – Ada Mae is adorable.

  31. WookieMonster

    Just sayin’ but pure bred != well bred at all. Any idiot can breed two ugly/unhealthy dogs of the same breed and get horribly unhealthy, but still indisputably purebred puppies (as is incredibly common with the cocker breed, mostly due to Lady and the Tramp mania that induced back yard breeders to breed whatever they had regardless of health and even inbreeding issues so that they could make a buck).

    I’m also not saying that generations of health cert’ed dogs is a guarantee of a dog with good health, but it increases your chances quite a bit.

    I volunteer for Rottie breed rescue, and will probably go back to rescue dogs some day, but as of right now, witnessing Wookie’s pain is a big deterrent to me. I love that dog more than is sensible and it hurts me a lot to see her in that kind of pain.

  32. Twisty

    The overwhelming argument in favor of a purebred dog is the predictability of the outcome, temperament-wise. In my case, with a toddler niece, I can’t be fucking around with potential mongrel psychosis. I need a dog that can withstand repeated tail-yanks without gettin huffy, and the best place to get one of those is a nutty breeder-lady’s kennel. I’m not saying you can’t ever get a decent dog at a shelter. My mutt Zippy is the greatest canid that ever bit a kibble, but I wouldn’t leave her alone with a toddler for 2 seconds.

  33. emjaybee

    It’s always a bit of a crap shoot with dog temperaments, pure or not, but I’d say a purebred Lab from a good breeder has really good odds on being a happy, sweet dog. My dad never paid much attention to temperament when picking out our dogs growing up, so we had bad and good pound dogs and purebreds. One awful pound dog who killed cats; a few sweet and dumb Cockers. Two purebred wirehair terriers, one sharp as a whip, the other plainly inbred and retarded–good tempered but completely unable to learn anything but his name. If you don’t get your dog from a puppy mill or disrepuatable breeder, I’d say you’ve done your bit.

    and like Bob Barker says, folks, spay and neuter your pets!

  34. Anonymous

    I’d wager that there are more than a handful of shelter dog owners who are acquainted with more than one toddler.

    Most of these toddlers manage to survive into adulthood, despite the constant threat posed to their well-being by bloodthirsty labradoodles.

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