Aug 01 2005

Reader Appreciation Day

Click on the bikini!

Thanks a honk-load to everyone who has kindly sent me a link to patriarchy news that requires blaming. Keep’em coming. As you may know, recently I have chosen to withdraw from my addiction to what is sometimes referred to as the Mainstream Media. It is possible that this will merely hone my ignorance to an even finer edge, but the more likely outcome–predicted by the early results–is that I’ll become the very picture of rosy-cheeked bliss. Unless, of course, ignorance IS bliss. Whuh-oh.

Meanwhile, the quality of argument in the comments has been totally twistastic! Don’t you guys have jobs? Some of this stuff rises to the level of, I don’t know, writing. A special shout-out to LeisureGuy, who pleasantly and unexpectedly turned out not to be a troll, and to Sunya Harjis, who wants "to arm everything with a vagina." Sounds good to me, Sunya!

So that you may revel in your superiority, my gift to you, in addition to the magnificent Hasselhoffian Recursion, is this asinine comment on the post about teenagers getting Brazilian waxes.

It takes two to make a sex object. Nice to see someome advocating teaching the objectified to take responsibility and be accountable for their self objectification. Now maybe we can teach the boys to stop embracing the idea of the protector/provider/sir lancelot object. But l suspect that they will say "that’s no way to get a woman.


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  1. spiritrover

    What’s funny is that I actually clicked on the bikini, it only occurred to me later that I could’ve clicked anywhere.

    And it makes me wonder: Anybody click on the picture but NOT on the bikini?

  2. alphabitch

    I was a little afraid to click on the bikini. Or look directly at it. Or especially to touch it with my mouse. I kept my eyes on the little bar at the bottom of my browser window that displays the link URL, and clicked when it looked like the cursor was over the link properly.

    It’s not that I’m squeamish… He’s just not really my type, if you see what I mean.

  3. Ron Sullivan

    Um, well, I clicked on the bikini. I was hoping to get a rise out of him.

    Acourse, I’m such an out-of-touch antique I didn’t know who it was until I read the caption. There’s mainstream media and there’s mainstream media, I guess.

  4. Sunya Harjis

    FUCK yeah. I am not only the world’s only feminalliedforces proponent, I’m also one of the last people on the planet to see Knight Rider (first episode watched: just about five weeks ago!) In return for your psyche-warming bikini epic, I want to give you and all your readers a heads-up on the world’s most awesome not-quite-gay-porn-but-really-close movie, along with this handy dandy link for happy fun free sharing!

    Because sometimes a woman needs to see what happens when the Patriarchy blames itself, vigorously. It’s about as non-mainstream as a movie can be and still have white people in it. Cheers & wot, yrs always,

    – Sunya Harjis

  5. Lauren

    Patriarchy blaming itself? Goddamn, I have to see that.

  6. Twisty

    Yipes, if patriarchy starts blaming itself, I’m out of a job.

  7. res publica

    As re the recursion – MY EYES! SWEET CHRIST, MY EEEEEYYYYSSSSS!!! That’s what I get for clicking on whatever is put in front of me, like some gooberish AOL subscriber.

    Shout out to Sunya for a) being awsome, and b) posting the link to that movie. The first thing I read on that site: “The gang of skinheads isn’t gay, but that doesn’t stop them from fucking each other.” No, it most certainly does not. Score!

  8. Mistress

    That’s funny. Because even though I still have no idea who the dude is, I’ve seen that picture multiple times.

  9. TeenageCatgirl

    I know I always hold myself accountable for my objectification, this is why I do not wear my breasts or vagina when I leave the house.

  10. Sylvanite

    Yeah, I clicked on the bikini. I’m glad that what happened was so tame; I AM at work. I’m also ashamed to say that my first adolescent crush was on David Hasselhoff. I’m over it now, thank goodness (what was I thinking?)

  11. Twisty

    You know, blogs are funny things. Because I thought you guys would be all over that objectification comment, but except for Teenagecatgirl (good one, by the way, TCG!), you all took the Hasselhoff Option instead. Color me hilaritized.

  12. Wordlackey

    Twisty, I admit I’ve cut waaaay back on the MSM. I just can’t help analyzing it when I hear or see any manifestation of it. My personal game is to pick out the biases, their artificially imposed “narrative”, and try to figure out the important information that isn’t being included in the story.

    The closest I get to my daily news fix is watching Democracy Now! I usually only watch the headlines but if something promises to be interesting later, I’ll watch the segment. And I’m starting to feel like DN! is too mainstream.

  13. TeenageCatgirl

    Why thankyou, Twisty.

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