Aug 08 2005



Breakfast of champion spinster aunts: cold day-old pizza Margherita from Vespaio, served on a desk with a side of organic half-caff.

Oh man! [Thanks, Stephannie]

Meanwhile, check out this howler of a study explaining why men are biologically predisposed towards assholery (as seen on Pandagon).

Meanwhile, there’s been another study showing how women literally screw themselves in the workplace.

Meanwhile, forget about butt-cream; now there’s “anti-wrinkle jam,” a beautaceutical product for your morning muffin that yet another “study” claims “improves” the skin in “almost 90 per cent of women.” Because wrinkled skin is a character flaw!

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, the state that brought you the ban on rape counseling, the governor, who apparently believes that wrinkled skin really is a character flaw, is persecuting impecunious old women.

Meanwhile, In Helsinki, a Ugandan woman is currently ahead in the first-ever women’s steeplechase at the world track & field championships, an event that is not included in the Olympics even though the mens’ version is, because the calendar is too “crowded,” what with all the prepubescent “women’s” gymnastics and bikini volleyball.


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  1. Rene

    Whither Bernie? Some of us, you realize, are enjoying your puppy vicariously, and we demand our daily cuteness quotient.

    I met a little black lab puppy outside my house yesterday, and I almost wept with longing when she chewed my finger with her needly little baby teeth.


  2. curiousgirl

    cold, day-old pizza on a desk..mmmm…my favorite.

  3. Steph

    Glad you liked the Oprah link.

    So sorry you could find so many patriarchal things to blame in one day.

  4. bitchphd

    Puppies are cute, but the golden glow of that copper cup and the pizza and the wood desk, mmm…

  5. Sylvanite

    Well, fortunately, that study about male versus female voices doesn’t really seem to be bad. However, the fuckheaded misinterpretation of said study by a misogynistic boob certainly was.

    As far as nursing homes go, Wisconsin would be typical. Women live longer, on average, than men, so they inevitably make up a larger proportion of the nursing home population. Anything that damages funding of Medicaid or Medicare will hit women disproportionately. Also, from my 2.5 horrifying years working as a caseworker at the Department of Public Welfare here in sunny PA, I can confirm that many welfare clients receiving TANF (formerly AFDC) were funneled into LPN training programs. Of course, most adult TANF recipients are female, so, natch, women will be disproportionately hit by welfare reforms, cuts in the Medicaid or Medicare funding that pay them in their new, shiny LPN jobs at the nursing home, etc.

    I have no clever solutions, alas.

  6. Twisty

    I will plunge screwdrivers in to my eyes before I let anybody drag me off to a nursing home.

  7. Sydney

    I have a possibly(un)related question for anyone with an answer.

    I am considering being a medication prescription drug plan counselor for the elderly in my community, but before I go and advocate that they sign up for these private perscription plans, I wanted to know if this is a good thing. Unfortunately I have no idea where to get a clear analysis on the medicare modernization act but I was hoping that someone here might. Any help would be appreciated!

    sorry twisty for the slight derailment!

  8. Paris

    Wait, you swore off NPR in favor of the Hindostan Times?

    Actually, I’m tempted to read them more often. Any paper that includes an advertisement promising me “Nyce Legs” – that’s SPRAY ON NYLONS – has got be quality.

  9. Summer

    It is SO delightful to be a woman.

    Or, it would be…

    Yes, I (too) blame the patriarchy.

    (But still think there are far worse cosmic evils responsible for Thomas Kincaide.)

  10. Erin

    Germaine Greer and agility training? You just get more and more and more wonderful. How do you manage?

  11. rhondda

    What ever happened to pure science? If I ruled the world, I would make everybody read Jane Jacobs’ Dark Age Ahead and then shoot anyone who did not get it. I have also come to the conclusion that after more than 2000 years the chrisian experiment has failed and perhaps every patriarcal religion generated by the theft of women’s energy should be flushed. Oh dear,I forgot, we love men, fruit of our womb. There there dear Mummy will make it better.

  12. Sylvanite

    Gee, Twisty, what could you possibly have against dank, urine-soaked hellholes and bedsores? ;)

  13. WookieMonster

    Never ever ever want to be put in a nursing home. This is why I believe strongly in euthenasia even when not for strictly medical reasons. We should all be allowed out of life as painlessly as possible when we choose.

    My grandma was in one of those places for a while after she broke her leg and it was the most depressing place I have ever been. There was a woman who sat in the common room screaming “Love me!” over and over again all day, every day. Uhg.

  14. Sarah in Chicago

    ooooo, day-old pizza … mmmmm … I worked for a gourmet pizza restaurant when I was finishing my undergraduate degrees, so I ended up with a LOT of really awesome pizzas in the fridge (my roommates loved me) … and I have to say, reheated in the microwave the next morning, it’s almost even better.

    There’s nothing like crawling out from underneath your girlfriend and duvet on a weekend morning, queitly tip-toeing barefoot into the kitchen, popping a few slices in the nuking-machine, tip-toeing back to bed, and having said girlfriend wake up to the smells :)

    Course, one also sets the espresso machine burbling …

  15. ae

    Speaking of bikini volleyball, was that an ad for beach volleyball I saw on Kos’s site with the tagline: I will Lay Out For Every Last Ball? Trading one bikini bullsh*t for another, I see. And the website for the Pro Beach Tour Bikini Beauties is selling something more than female athletic prowess, methinks. I smell the patriarchy! And it stinks.

    Wookie, our grandmother had to be in a nursing center for a short while for physical therapy, and it was devastatingly heartbreaking being in the place for more than a nanosecond. Honestly, it should be illegal what we do to people. And this was one of the better joints.

  16. WookieMonster

    Yeah, we were always told that this was an excelent facility. If that was “excelent” I’m terrified of what a really crappy nursing home would be like. Let me die with dignity before being tortured like that.

  17. Mary

    Love your blog. Have been reading and reading…

    The pizza looks delicious – but is that a dog agility book that you are reading!!? Do you already do agility or making future plans for that pup?

    I found that the published literature on agility was pretty outdated, but there is a new book that I highly recommend…Shaping Success by Susan Garrett.


    (Plus, she’s a pretty neat woman – very smart and strong-willed – and competitive!)

  18. moving

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