Aug 18 2005

Announcement Korner

Greetings, Patriarchy-Blamers. A few words.


After struggling with the eccentricities of Apple’s Mail.app for over two years, I have finally thrown in the towel and switched over to Thunderbird. It’s kind of unattractive, and it can’t read the address book I’ve been nurturing like a little lost limping kitten since the mid-nineties, but at least it downloads my mail, which is more than I can say for the psycho fucking Apple application.

“So what?” you ask. “Your software troubles mean little or nothing in my young life.”

Well, if you have sent me an email during the past month or so, and have received no response, it is not because I am a flake–although I am a flake–but because the transition between email applications has been tortured and arduous.  Mistakes were made. Tempers flared. Emails were lost.


Temporary Service Interruptions Possible

Starting August 19, or possibly the day after, I’ll be substitute-blogging at Bitch.PhD. I plan to be screwing up her perfectly decent blog for ten days or so while the Doctor flits off to her private island in the South Pacific to get massages from mute eunuchs and sip from coconuts next to her bitch-shaped pool.

"Big whoop," you say. "Your extracurricular activities mean little or nothing in my young life."

Well, a recent brain scan–more precisely, a scan of my blogydular lobe–revealed a high improbability that I have the chops to pull off quality posts at two blogs simultaneously, so–well, you see where this is going. If I’m not here, I’ll be over there.


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  1. Redcane

    No problem Twisty, I read both of you and now you are only one of you–or something. See you there or here. This is the stupidist comment I have ever left anywhere, I swear. Anyway, you get the point. (stupidist is not a word, moron)

  2. alphabitch

    Sure it’s a word, Redcane; stupidists are kind of like nudists, I think. Only they wear clothes.

    Twisty – I finally got fed up with that irksome Apple Mail.app & just started using the gmail web interface directly. It’s only a little annoying. I’m pretty sure you can import address books, though I didn’t try it since I don’t really keep a very up-to-date address book in the first place.

    I did it not so much to get away from the mail.app, but because I am (temporarily) laptop-less and entirely computerless at home, and I have to check everything via webmail. Gmail isn’t all that sleek or sexy or anything, but it’s pretty functional, and way easy to use.

    I’ll look forward to reading you at Bitch, PhD.

  3. AndiF


    You are not taking full advantage of your blogging material. Note that Dr. B has posts that consist entirely of conversations with PK. You can do entire posts on Bertie’s latest cute trick or pishing accident or adventure with his kong.

    And then there are all those salacious stories you should be telling us about your wild life in the band (don’t worry, no one will care if they are true or not).

    Finally there is food. Pictures of food, descriptions of food, instructions for making food, stories about eating food. Yup, food is good.

  4. Johnny


  5. norbizness

    It’s all good in the hood, Aunt Twisty. I’ll guest blog over here, and a chicken pecking at a keyboard out in a field can guest blog for me. Now if just get somebody to cover that chicken’s site, we’re set.

  6. jc

    No,NO, NO! Now I have to find (at least temporarily) another feminist blog to read so that my token intake of feminism remains well rounded. This could cause me problems as the other guys in the patriarchal conspiracy get suspicious when they notice one of us is reading perhaps too much feminist stuff.

  7. Travelling Punk

    I can cover the chicken.

  8. Twisty

    JC, maybe you should just take some time off. We don’t want your homies should start shunning you.

  9. nicky

    Twisty — sorry to hear about your e-mail difficulties. If you didn’t get my response about the cockfighting info let me know — I can resend.

  10. Ron Sullivan

    Cripes, I’m still using Eudora. I like her looks and she works most of the time and I don’t have to think about her, what can I say. Even my technogripes are old-fashioned.

    Will you be able to post cyoot psycho puppy pix over there? I figure Bertie needs a wider audience. That should settle him right down.

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