Aug 18 2005

Thursday Comix

Sydney (thanks, Sydney!) sent this in about a hundred years ago.


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  1. Knotted Knickers

    I love that cartoon. There’s a couple of versions floating around – in the best one, the hammer is clearly labeled, FEMINISM.

  2. Sarah in Chicago

    Sydney, and I know this from personal experience, just RAWKS!!! :)

  3. Andygrrl

    When I was in college our chapter of Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (essentially me and five of my friends) used that for our official t-shirts. Yeah home-made screen printing! Good times.

  4. Steph

    I bet a spanner would work well too.

  5. ae

    Twisty, could you photoshop a version w/ a Vagina Lasertata 3000 instead of a hammer? That would rock. ;->

    P.S. AndyGrrl, can you email me instructions for homemade screen printing? I need a new wardrobe. =)

  6. Twisty

    AE, you overestimate my Photoshop skillz. Besides, you’re the only one who’s actually seen the Vagina Lastertata 3000.

  7. ae

    Twisty, don’t be modest. I know you have mad skillz! The lap/legs superimposed on the Elizabethan theatre stage thing ruled. Where else am I gonna get a searing commentary on performance and display and the disembodied woman?

    Quite a few patriarchy-apologists have seen the business end of my Vagina Lasertata 3000, yes, but not many others, you’re right. It’s a well-kept secret. Hmmm, I’ll need to fudge it a little so patriarchy-lovers can’t co-opt it, sort of like a sacred mandala, but I’ll send blueprints forthwith! =)

  8. misspinkerton

    back in 1998, i was the most righteous 13-year-old on the block… and that cartoon appeared in each one of the indie feminist ‘zines i would read. thanks for the nostalgia.

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