Aug 22 2005

Spot The Fake Smile


Everything about a goth dude is fake

I hate most things, and internet quizzes are no exception. Nevertheless, this is one to which I am merely indifferent, mostly because it is at least marginally educational: Spot The Fake Smile.

It turns out I am highly skilled at spotting fake smiles. I attribute this to my sour outlook on life and my early training as a bartender, where I also learned to spot a paranoid schizophrenic at 20 paces.

[As seen at Luckybuzz]


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  1. nicky

    I scored a little better than half. I started to figure they were all fake, since it looks like it was set up — putting a bunch of people one by one in front of the same background and telling them to smile. Wouldn’t that render all the smiles fake?

  2. Chris Clarke

    15/20. Better than I thought I’d do.

  3. Tony Patti

    How well did you do, Twisty dear? I did 16 out of 20, to my astonishment. I would have thought I’d be bad at it, considering how credulous I am.

  4. Twisty

    I got 19. Because it takes one to know one.

  5. occasionallurker

    I train swimmers. I know when someone is faking pain, so I must also see pleasure pretty well. 11/11

    I was getting bored half-way through but then that wonderful pixie-eared fellow turned up. What a delightful, inviting grin! I’d have a beer with him any day.
    Sorry too boring to finish carefully, so I let the otherarf play with the rest. She bombed – 3/9. She is an actor. **snigger**

  6. ae

    I tried gamely to go along w/ the internet quiz phenom as they are passed along on blogs like the hot-potato game, but, damn, I just don’t care which Muppet I’m most like. (Probably the two old guys in the balcony booing everybody. Ha.) That said, 17/20.

    I credit my ability to spot fake smiles on a strong outsider survival instinct under the patriarchy. Helps to know if someone is smiling or baring their teeth. :-E <--- okay, those were the best fangs I could come up with.

  7. Paris

    I got 17/20 – seemed to be able to sort reals and fakes based on the ones that made me smile back.

    Very weird, that bit.

    Oh, and all the POC in my test were fake smiling, which also struck me as weird from an experimental design perspective.

  8. alphabitch

    Yeah, Paris; I thought that was a little weird too. I did OK spotting the fake ones, but I missed about half the real ones. The people in the pictures just bugged me so I thought they must be faking it.

  9. Mistress


    And that dude isn’t goth. He’s just fugly.

  10. picomoo

    Thank you for posting the picture of the goth dude in advance – I think seeing him smile without knowing what to expect would be enough to get a heart-attack.

    Watching if the eyes smile is, I believe, the official way to tell is a smile is real or fake.

  11. mcmc

    I guess I’m just another aspergerite, doomed to wander the interwebs because I . just . don’t . get . people . A terrible 13/20, and the ones I got wrong were all real smiles I thought were fake. Except one guy fake-smiling whom I thought was cute. and the moment I pushed the button I knew I was wrong.

  12. mcmc

    As is so often the way.

  13. Kate

    I got 18 out 20. I used to draw andf paint and I studied drawing faces at school — you learn the ways muscles move around the eyes and how to make a smile look more genuine.

  14. Travelling Punk

    19/20 too. It’s all in the eyes. If they don’t crinkle, it’s a fake.

  15. Mistress

    Goddamnit, bitches– for the last time he’s not goth! He’s just fuckin ugly!

    I thought it was most insightful how the smile ended. If they went back to looking all nervous/annoyed right away, it was fake.

  16. Battlepanda

    I remember reading an earlier article in the same vein, but comparing American smiles to British smiles. Apparently, American smiles tend to be the fake kind, while the typical british smile is the genuine “eye smile”. I wonder is this is because the Americans are more likely to use smiles indiscriminately as a social tool.

  17. Twisty

    How can you be so sure the goth guy isn’t goth? A guy can be goth and ugly at the same time.

  18. Kathleen/KH

    I thought dude looked like a lady.

  19. kathe burt

    Are those his real teeth?

  20. Pinko Punko

    The little hitch in the video screwed me up, plus some of them looked like they played forward then rewound. And two of the people looked like they weren’t real people, like they were two faces melded together. I claim it was fixed, because in real life I’m pretty good at nailing fakers, or I’m just surrounded by the unsuccessful ones.


  21. robin

    Great blog, very thought provoking, and so nice to meet a fellow traveler who knows how to spot the insidious patriarchy in all its guises.
    I blame it too.
    the smile quiz was very interesting. Although the very odd and creepy individual featured on your blog may give me bad dreams tonight. Lord only knows what gender said creature is. Some mutant third gender, is my vote.

  22. Kerlyssa

    19/20 too. I watched the eyes. Messed up on the old guy, ’cause I wasn’t sure whether or not those were just wrinkles or not. (laugh lines!)

  1. An Infinite Number of Monkeys

    Spot the fake smile.

    I managed nineteen out of twenty; I would have been perfect, except that some old guy threw me. So next time you think you can pretend that you’re happy to see me with a false grin, think again. Or something. It’s far too early to be wi…

  2. Cinemonster

    Come and get me, con artists

    I just scored a measly 11 out of 20 on this entertaining/slightly educational Spot the Fake Smile test, via I Blame the Patriarchy. (I’m usually not an internet quiz gal, I swear). Blame my paltry performance on all this recent…

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