Aug 27 2005

A Tale Of Two Rapes


On August 24:

A man was raped in Johannesburg. A woman was raped in Doncaster.

man was raped by three women. They invited him into their car, went for
a drink, then drove to an abandoned field where they produced a gun.

The woman was raped the old-fashioned way, overpowered in a dark alley by a douchebag she’d met in a pub.

lists fourteen news accounts from nine different sources about the
man’s case. Several of these are updates on the progress of the
investigation. One or two suggest that there must be "more to this story," implying that no rape actually occurred. The word rapist is put in quotation marks.

There are but two reports that allude to the woman’s case, both from Sheffield Today. One of those mentions the rape only in passing, ostensibly to add more shock to the real story:
the "shocking dossier" of crime associated with the pub (it is beyond
my powers of self-restraint to resist revealing that the name of the
place is The Blue Ball Pub) where the woman met her attacker. Rapist is not put in quotation marks. Sheffield Today has no doubts about the potentially fucktarded inclinations of guys walking home from pubs.

male victim is described as "so traumatised that he won’t speak a word
to anyone." His family is interviewed. They express concern and
confusion. The police spokesperson repeats that the victim was "very
traumatised" and explains that he was taken to a hospital and given
counseling and an HIV test.

Neither the female victim’s state of mind nor her medical treatment is discussed.

"Well duh, Twisty," you are saying to yourself, "Whaddya expect? Of course the man-raped-by-women story is getting 14 times the ink, it’s so weird. But women get raped by men every day; it’s scarcely news."


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    Speaking of, the Post Dispatch has embarked on a series of stories of how the St Louis police have entirely ignored and buried rape reports for several years now. I’m too skeered to try to paste a link, but searching stltoday.com for “rape memo” should hook you up. “What Rape?” is the first article in the series.


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