Aug 31 2005

Kansas: Marriage Cures Pedophilia


In what was possibly the most precise result in the history of Google, this photo of Macho Man Randy Savage is what the image engine returned when I did a search on "wanker." 

Has everybody seen the story about the 20-year-old Nebraska wanker who boinked a 12-year-old, violated a subsequent court order whereupon he knocked her up, and then married her in Kansas at the age of 14, with the blessing of both state and parents? He’s now being prosecuted for statutory rape, and naturally the local grainbelt populus is all bummed out about the grievous injustice. "He married her," is their refrain, "so he can’t be a pedophile. And even if he is a pedophile, he married her, so it’s OK."


I might as well seize this opportunity to respectfully disagree with the views of those of my fellow feminists (touched on briefly here by Jill at Feministe) who believe that teenage girls should enjoy unlimited personal sovereignty. Such a contingency is obviously the ideal, of course. It might even be warranted, if girls did not inhabit a war zone ruled by male nutjobs and populated by male assholes, neither of whom recognizes the personal sovereignty of any female.

But we do inhabit that war zone. In our patriarchal system women are the sex class, and young girls are its particular victims. Call me a reactionary, but the hetero model of male dominance and female submission completely rules out our autonomy, 12-year-olds included.

It would be great if men would fucking cut it out with the violence and exploitation already, but I just don’t see that happening. So unless 12-year-old girls can be taught–and I really don’t see this happening either–that the role of subservient sexbot is not a "natural" consequence of their sex, but is in fact a weapon deployed by a dominance-based patriarchal system that hates them, they can have no real power. And I’d like to meet the miserable creature who has less power than a lower-class, sexually active twelve-year-old whose parents–her only line of defense against the aforementioned assholes–see nothing untoward about some adult perv knocking her up.

Believe me, I don’t have some kind of godbag virgin-fetish. I just think that it’s incumbent on adults to recognize the fucked-up-yet-normalized practices of our society and to protect our immature juveniles from them. Seriously, how can a pre-teen girl even begin to grasp the nuances of the politics that oppress her, much less act with any kind of authoritative agency within these psycho constraints? I know plenty of adult women who struggle with the idea that they aren’t ugly loathsome specks, or who fuck everything that moves just to get a little attention. And our 12-year-old is just a kid, for crying out loud. She has seen only that social acceptance requires submission, "femininity," and altering her appearance and behavior to certain standards. She doesn’t see that these standards are fucked up, or that they exist exclusively to (1) differentiate her from the ruling class, and (2) to feed gangrenous clots of male pornsickness.

So here’s the Twisty position on 12-year-old girls: Lock’em up. Don’t let’em get a Brazilian, don’t let’em dress like hookers, and don’t let’em fuck 20-year-old men. They’re twelve. It’s just common fucking sense.


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  1. Amanda

    Sounds like it to me. But the thing that is even more fucked up–when I was a kid in Small Town, USA, the girls that got pregnant at 12 were usually the religious ones, the ones whose parents definitely subscribed to the “don’t let ’em get a Brazilian and don’t let ’em dress like hookers” thing. But of course, their reasoning was to teach their girls that sex was bad, bad, bad. Which actually means that their sexual feelings are bad, bad, bad, which predisposes them to be even more submissive to male predators, since they’ve never had the message that they should enter into sexual relationships for their own reasons.

    Not that I’m arguing for slutty clothes or Brazilians for 12-year-olds. God no. But you have to have the right reasons in mind–teaching your girl to be independent, not submissive–or you’ll fuck it up even worse.

  2. Twisty

    True, as the kids say, dat. The prerequisite for the Twisty Method of Childrearing is, of course, a thorough indoctrination in feminist theory, from the cradle. My hypothesis is that this approach will engender not so much a “sex is bad” dealio, but more of an “I’m too good for your sorry punkass” dealio.

    The fact that I am unencumbered by offspring does not deter me from these idealistic speculations.

  3. katthemad


    I practice the Twisty Method of Childrearing and let me assure you, it seems to work quite well (at least up to age eleven, stay tuned for updates). Nothing idealistic about those speculations, it’s just good common sense.

  4. Erin

    Raised by something approaching the TMoC, I can say it does the trick. However, I find myself wailing about the betrayal of the ideals of my feminist upbringing on an alarmingly regular basis. Thanks anyhow, Mom & Dad!

  5. ein

    Wow, that story was so messed up. I am with you on agreeing that “just letting things go” basically allows pedophilic sex offenders to manipulate children into marriage to avoid jail time and a record after they’ve already committed the crime.

    On a slight tangent, I am also freaked out that they named the baby after the girl in The Ring.

    I couldn’t tell if the article was implying that the guy in question was affected by mental retardation in a way which caused him to be underdeveloped in a way that actually distinguishes this case from that of a general pedophile. If that is the case, I can agree with this case being treated differently, but it seems like aside from that specific case, some people in the article seem to think that marriage is an appropriate fix to taking sexual advantage of a child. This is really disturbing.

  6. Persephone

    I was with you until the end, when you wrote that we need to “lock up the 12 year old girls, don’t let them dress like sluts and don’t let them get Brazilians. “Guess what, it really doesn’t work.

    I’m pretty sure that there’s NOTHING provocative about an 8-year-old, yet that’s when I got to start learning how to give blowjobs. By the time I was 12 it was everything but intercourse.

    The point here is LOCK UP THE GUYS. They’re not getting off on the “sluttiness”–hell, look at this asshole’s 14 year old wife–she’s about as far from provocative as you can get. The point for these guys is power. That’s why they do it. Pure and simple. I agree that we need to teach our girls to be safe, but it doesn’t matter how they dress or act. In fact, these assholes will go for the ones who DO NOT get Brazilians–too “womanly” for them. Too threatening. They want girls. Little girls. Not women.

    I’m sorry, but I hate it when we start focusing on what the FEMALE has to do. What about these douchebag men?!

    Very sore point with me . . .

  7. Persephone

    Sorry–one more thing–better get that baby girl into foster care NOW. With a mother who will be unable to protect her and a father who’s already proven he prefers little girls, it’s only a matter of time before this guy decides his wife is too “old” for him. Poor Samara may turn out like the girl in The Ring through no fault of her own.

  8. robin

    Teenage girls are still girls, and their “sovereignity” unfortunately is at best extremely undeveloped. In my town, 12-14 year old girls are apparently getting down on their knees to give their male peers blow jobs. In order to be popular. Or at least popular to the boys whose opinion they put above all else. At least for 5 or ten minutes. My town happens to be populated in general by a very liberal, well-educated, intellectual demographic, and one would think our daughters would have the ego-strength, the solid parenting and the confidence to withstand this type of pressure, in this oasis of plenty and egalitarianism. But a significant number do not. They bravely talk the talk, but in in the end still bow to the all-important “male gaze”.
    If the boys were returning the favor, and giving the girls oral pleasure in order to win their favor, this whole situation would have a different spin on it. If I had a dollar for every girl under 18 who gave sexual gratification to boys without receiving it herself, I would be a rolling in buckeroos.
    The patriarchy is alive and well and has successfully set up camp in the new generation.

  9. Sam

    Damn fine points, Persephone. I don’t believe men forcing themselves on children is about how sexy little girls are either.

    Remember the amount of control your parents had over you when you were 12, the obedience to authority? When I was 12 my 17-year-old high school babysitter seemed like an adult to me and got all the respect and obedience I conferred to adults.

  10. Christopher

    Even aside from the Patriarchy, there’s still a power diference in a relationship between a 12 year old and a 20 year old.

    There’s a big difference in experience and emotional stability that would still be in effect, I think, even in a perfectly equitable socety.

  11. Amanda

    Agreed 100%, Twisty. I would almost despair that no one who thinks like us is a parent, but in fact, a number of my more clear-headed friends are. We may not actually be shot on sight in our old age by misogynists who fear shriveled wombs.

  12. Sylvanite

    Yeah, sounds like a power/dominance thing to me. Anyone who usually hangs out with much younger kids, in my experience, is usually interested in being the big fish in a small pond. If he really loved her, then why’d he get her pregnant? Seems to me that if it was the real deal, there would have been plenty of time to have a real relationship, and children, when Crystal was older. If he loves her, why did he burden her with a child when she’s still in high school? While I know that many parents are relieved when their babies are asleep, it still seems to be a sign of how over her head this poor girl is when she says that her favorite part of dealing with her newborn is when the baby is asleep.

  13. AB

    Um, one little thing…

    naturally the local grainbelt populus is all bummed out about the grievous injustice.

    I thought the article quoted the DA as saying that most of the calls he received were from people outside the county and outside the state?

    Not that I’m sensitive ’cause I grew up in one of the big square states in the middle and moved to a Metropolis situated near one of those big bodies of salty water where people’s ignorance and provincialism make me so crazy I want to poke my own eyes out. Nope. Not at all. I’m just a sucker for accuracy.

    Plus, it’s a bit more depressing, really, to realize the wingnuts aren’t just “over there” but all around us.

  14. Finn

    “The prerequisite for the Twisty Method of Childrearing is, of course, a thorough indoctrination in feminist theory, from the cradle.”

    So, how does this work if you’re trying reverse psychology? ;-)

    Seriously, my kids only listen to about 1/5th of what I say and laugh off the rest. And, the harder we push, the harder they push back.

    Not that I’m trying to shirk parental responsiblity… I’m not. But… kids are going to do what they want whether it’s in favor of or despite their upbringing.

    It takes a village and if you’re village sez it’s ok for a guy to marry a 12-year-old, you’re in the wrong village.

  15. Twisty

    Hey AB, I believe there are greater perpetrations of inaccuracy than to suggest that the inhabitants of Kansas, a state that voted to define “science” as “mythology,” are just fine with the idea of child brides.

  16. Twisty

    Finn, I know you’re not saying that it is beyond your parental powers to prevent your 8-year-old daughter from, as Persephone put it, “learning how to give blowjobs”!

  17. Finn

    >Finn, I know you’re not saying that it is beyond your parental powers to prevent your 8-year-old daughter from, as Persephone put it, “learning how to give blowjobs”!< Good gracious, no. There are polarizations on this subject that I'm not comfortable with. I mean, you can't lock 'em up in the house all the time, but you certainly can manage who they're with and where they're going. As you suggest, I could try to inundate her with feminist theory, but truthfully, she only allows me to give speeches in the 2-4 minutes of commercials between shows. Anything longer than that is immediately tagged as learning and will be discounted accordingly. ;-)

  18. Tony Patti

    “Lock up the boys” You go, girl!

    “If the girls were getting head instead of the boys…” Strange that girls don’t seem to have the same insane need for sexual gratification as the boys. This is a factor here that can’t be ignored.

    As for young boys wanting to have sex with girls BECAUSE they hate them, well that’s crazy talk. The element of hate comes from the same patriarchal crap that is indoctrinating the girls about the empowerment of submission. I feel sad when women discount and ridicule men for the hormonal urges they seem to think are so insignificant and a sign of weakness.

    When these hormones first flip on, it’s incredible to me that any boy can handle it as well as they seem to do. I remember the devastation these horrible feelings had on me as a child, and can’t believe it varies enough to be significant from one boy to another since, even if it were much better for another boy than me, it would be horrible, and the chances are many boys, with a touch more of the stuff, would end up nearly insane.

    And it goes on and on. It leads to anger and frustration and hate, especially in the context of a patriarchal world.

    Finn, if you’re reading this, I’d like to say that though you will deny it yet again, that how you act and the things you say do make an impression on your kids. You mustn’t mistake control for influence. Sure, they are out of your control to a small extent, but you are the dad, for better or worse, and the influence is profound. Just keep talking. What’s the harm in putting out the message? What’s the harm in giving them a sense of your moral order, so they have something to accept or reject? The chance that they might reject it completely doesn’t make it a bad idea to not try at all.

    If a daughter rejects the idea of feminism and being wary of boys bossing them around, and goes for the opposite she will find she doesn’t like it pretty fast and will at least have something to go back to, instead of just thinking “well, that’s the way it is and I can’t help it”.

    Finn and I often talk about this, since he has a girl and I have a baby girl and I want to raise her to be a feminist. He knows what I can only guess at since he’s been doing it a lot longer.

  19. Steph

    As a mother to both a girl and a boy, I’m reading all this with great interest. For each child I see different issues.

    For my daughter the lessons have to be about self-respect and self-worth. Why the fuck would you give of yourself to any boy without receiving something important in return? If you have to suck his cock for him to like you, what kind of guy is that?

    Sex is a big deal and in my mind 12 year olds or young teenagers do not need autonomy. They need to know there are limits and that the important people in their lives care if they overstep these boundaries.

    For my son the lesson will be something along the lines of: If I ever find out you’re exploiting young girls, your “friends” in that way, I’ll lock you up and throw away the key.

    I agree with Persephone, girls are always having to curb their behaviour to appease the patriarchy. Guys need to keep it in their fucking pants and stop capitalizing on historical patterns of domination. Nothing is going to change if women do all the work.

  20. WookieMonster

    I said this elsewhere today, but it fits so I’m going to say it again:

    Fundies want their women with no sense of self-worth or self-esteem. They want their women to have to gain worth through who they “belong” (their husband) or who they are the mother of.

    Hmmm…I think I said it better over on Pandagon, but it’s the same general idea.

  21. PrissyNot

    I raised a girl. I raised her to make her own choices and say no if she wanted to. I also raised her to be aware of ALL birth control methods, so much so that she became a peer-counselor in high school and toured the district telling other girls that they did NOT have to bow down to the patriarchal idea of having to “belong” to some boy. That they were not required to dress provocatively to have quality relationships with other people. She is now raising my grandchildren, and they seem to have their heads on pretty straight (a boy and a girl). All of them participate in many activities from soccer to dance classes to football to off-road vehicling. both children do all of those things. I can only hope that my upbringing of my daughter had some influence.

    I can also only comment, Twisty, that children will do whatever they do whether you want them to or not. Locking them up won’t work, because they pick the locks. Education is the only way. Feminism from birth for BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS is the only way. I also believe that children get better educations in sex-segregated schools, even though that seems archaic. And again, the mothers must teach this, because OFTEN the fathers don’t bother.

  22. Twisty

    Surely it’s obvious–OK, maybe not, because I am, after all, cloddy–that I am not suggesting literally locking up kids. I said it upthread somewhere, but I’ll go ahead say it again: I agree with everyone who has suggested that a good feminist grounding is the best defence against patriarchal assaults (literal and figurative).

    I also think, and I’ve said this before, too, but compliments bear repeating, that all yall’s comments are exceedingly gratifying to read. Thanks!

  23. Summer

    Excellent, as usual.

    (By the way, don’t try using “yipes” in Scrabble. I tried it, once. Sadly, no go. Fundy Scrabblers really aren’t any fun.)

  24. Persephone

    As the person who was learning how to give blow jobs at 8, let me be more specific, as I guess I was somewhat obtuse. I was being molested. It was not a choice. It was not something I wanted to do. I was not being all precocious with someone my own age. It was being forced on me and I’ve paid the price ever since. Just so we’re clear.

  25. Jen

    I hear you, Persephone. I was raised in a pretty self-consciously feminist household myself (the ‘rents at least *tried* to ban Barbie, and successfully banned toy guns), but fell victim to a sexual predator at the tender age of fourteen. Is there a way my parents could have prevented it? Sure–by paying attention and being there. If parents aren’t sending messages to counteract the dangerous ones girls are receiving out in the world, and if girls aren’t raised with both a sense of self worth and, most importantly, the security of knowing that someone is actually there for them, they will do almost anything to get it from someone else, usually a scumbag guy.

  26. Persephone

    Thanks, Jen–I have two daughters myself now and I can tell you that I pay VERY close attention to them and who’s around them. My parents didn’t do that–the perpetrator was my stepmother’s brother–and the result was that it took a very long time before I learned how to not seek affection through sex. The point in all of this for me, though, is that it often goes back to what should the GIRL do, rather than on how we should be raising sons to keep it in their pants until it’s truly mutual. I appreciate Steph’s comments on how she’s trying to raise her son and I just wish that more people realized the damage they do when we focus on the victims rather than on the perpetrators.

  27. Wordlackey

    The picture of Mr. Macho Randy Dandy is priceless. I keep wanting to ask him “When did your genitals shrivel up and blow away?”

    The story itself is not so mirthful. It is an example of, of, oh, crap, it’s just depressing, heartbreakingly fucking depressing. It sort of gets my vengence thing going. I’d really like to see the 20-year old guy get a full castration (i.e., penis and testicles). But that’s just me. Your punishment may vary.

  28. A Nony Mouse

    Please don’t lock the girls up! I was sent to a non-religious all-girls school from the ages of 7-18. All that left me with is a lingering terror of men, meaning that I have great trouble forming even normal friendships with nice guys. And at school those who were less terrified than me had the same sort of passive/submissive sexual relations with guys.

  29. Hazel

    “I agree with everyone who has suggested that a good feminist grounding is the best defence against patriarchal assaults (literal and figurative).”

    It’s a nice thought, but even if she is a feminist how is a twelve year old going to fend of the advances of a twenty year old predatory man? They can paint this guy as educationally subnormal or whatever but the fact is he targeted a twelve year old girl. How would people feel if it had been a twelve year old boy?

    If we’re talking about Stockholm Syndrome it’s likely that the girl in question probably has a large dose of it now considering she’s had to marry and give birth to the child of the man who abused her.

    I feel quite uncomfortable about you calling her “sexually active”. Maybe that would be correct if she had had sex with a boy of her own age however in this instance “sexually abused” would be more accurate.

  30. Twisty

    Hazel spotlights my sloppy, ill-considered commenting; what I should have said was that a feminist education AND parents who are actively engaged are the best defence. The point of my post (though it possibly is obscured) is that, as Persephone and others have revealed from their personal histories, girls are under siege in our society. Seriously, it’s a fucking war zone. The onus is on adults to protect kids by first accepting that the oppressive forces of patriarchy are dangerous, and second by taking an active role in educating the kid about said forces, and third, by restricting the movements of said kid until she has achieved some safe level of emotional maturity. Sunya Harjis would probably add “give her a gun.”

    Some of you have said, “what about locking up the boys!” I agree with Fran Leibowitz, who said that post-industrial society has no use for teenage boys. As that other great 20th century thinker, Debbie Harry, said, “dreamin’ is free.” And unfortunately you get what you pay for. Are any of you locking your boys up? Is anybody you know even contemplating locking up their boys? The reality is that nobody is going to lock up any boys. Since this is the case, unjust though it be, what choice have we got but to hover protectively around the girls? It’s a war, I tell ya. I blame the patriarchy.

    Meanwhile, if this situation seems untenable, there’s always the overthrow-the-patriarchy idea.

    Oh, and Hazel, you are absolutely right that the kid in the article is “sexually abused,” not “sexually active.” My bad.

  31. Anonymous

    Locking up twelve-year-old girls is common sense? Wow. Unfortunately for me, my very patriarchal parents took that very approach, and I’ve had the therapy to prove it.

    Also, I think you’re underestimating girls here, too. I understood more about how patriarchal oppression works when I was 12 than most of the adults around me at the time. I just hadn’t figured out whether buying into it was more or less dangerous to me than resisting it.

    There’s one other way you’re underestimating pre-teens, too: their intense drive to escape when they’re locked up by authority figures, and their Houdini-like abilities to do so.

    Overprotection is no less counterproductive for being well-intentioned.

  32. Twisty

    Hey Anonymous Commenter, have you actually READ the thread? Where do I advocate, anywhere, that parents should adopt a patriarchal approach?

  33. Kyra

    Yeah. Feminism, self-respect, self-confidence, assertiveness, and a sense of fairness are the things it’s most important to impart to any child. (Self-respect & self-confidence would, besides being good for anyone to have on general principles, enable both girls and boys to avoid bowing to peer pressure, which probably has some part in the way boys treat girls.)

    Fairness so that a girl says “after you” when a boy tries to solicit oral sex from her. After, of course, deciding intelligently whether or not a) she’s old enough, b) she wants to be sexually active, and c) he’s worth her time.

    How about, instead of locking anyone up, having any teenage boy who gets blowjobs from girls without returning the favor, forced to wear a chastity belt until he’s learned better?

  34. Steve

    The guy isn’t a pedophile. Pedophile’s seduce pre-adolescent children. This guy probably is a hebephile, or ephebephile…someone attracted to adolescents. But then, he might be neither ephebephile nor pedophile.

    Regardless, pedophile wouldn’t marry a fourteen year old.


  35. Alpaca Rider

    Umm.. one quick comment about the Brazilian being too “womanly” for someone who wants little girls…

    Isn’t it the little girls who don’t have pubic hair at all? So wouldn’t getting a Brazilian make a woman look MORE like a little girl, rather than making a little girl look more like a woman?

    The Brazilian only EXISTS so men can trick women into making their bodies look pre-pubescent in the first place. So if pre-pubescense is “womanly” and hair is “girlish” then pedophiles will migrates towards 12-year-olds and the 70’s “Fuzzy” look will migrate back into style pretty quickly.

    I doubt any of that made any sense.

  36. Alpaca Rider

    Curse my horrid typing.. I meant 14 year olds, not 12 year olds, in that last line.

  37. Twisty

    Alpaca, I see what you’re driving at, but you obfuscate. The Brazilian is “womanly” in the sense that it is practiced to appease–at least in the case of straight women–the prurience of a male audience. Giving a guy a boner with one’s expensively coiffed pubis is an activity commonly acknowledged by the few remaining non-pervs in our culture as the purview of adult women, not pubescent girls.

  38. Twisty

    Regardless, pedophile wouldn’t marry a fourteen year old.

    A distinction interesting chiefly because you think it needed to be made.

  39. Tim

    While I agree fully that using the contract of marriage to escape jail time, as someone so eloquently put it, is very very wrong, I think that what we are all reacting to is a symptom of another problem. One of the building blocks of your argument, Twisty, was the phrase:

    “[…] I’d like to meet the miserable creature who has less power than a lower-class, sexually active twelve-year-old […]”

    A sexually active twelve year old? That wants to MARRY her 20 year old partner? This seems like a substantial part of the problem. Note, I did not say it was ALL of the problem, or even most, but rather, a part not to be overlooked. Yes, males who would be willing to have sex with a 12 year old are reprehensible at best, but that male is only half the problem. What about the girl who (maybe) didnt say no? Or if she said no and he ignored her, the girl who turned around and agreed to marry him?

    These are things that need to be addressed in tandem, and I take slight unbrage at the blanket villification of all males in “a war zone ruled by male nutjobs and populated by male assholes”.

  40. Twisty

    My argument, Tim, is that you are an ass.

  41. tisha

    OMFG. Someone needs to castrate the bastard.

    For what it’s worth, when my pre-teen daughter started sprouting breasts at the age of 11, I told her to avoid being sexual with teenage boys because they’re generally – – – I really said this – – – lousy in bed. I told her to wait until she’s in her late teens or 20’s, not because I didn’t want her to have any fun, but because I DID, with an age-appropriate partner skilled enough to give pleasure. We talked about oral sex. She listened, rapt, with big round eyes: She was old enough to understand what I was getting at but still young enough to admire a mother’s wisdom – – I think I feared if I waited too long to have the Sex Talk she’d think I was an old fogey and an idiot.

    (BTW I also told her that if an older man ever tried to make her his “special” friend that he was a perv and she should come running to me immediately. Interestingly, her doctor also initiated this talk with her a few years ago with me present – – something that surprised me, and I was grateful to him for it.)

    My colleagues were horrified by my frankness but I’m glad I did it this way. 11 really WASN’T that young. Daughter is 14 now, taller than me and growing (size 10 1/2 feet!) and looking frighteningly beautiful and mature (she wears my clothes), and, thank god, she is willing to tell me just about anything. She has no “boyfriend.” Meanwhile, other girls in her school are giving blowjobs. It’s really disturbing.

  42. belledame222

    Have to agree with that argument.

    Look, the thing about being a kid, unlike all other minority statuses (statii??), is that you won’t be a kid forever. 12 year olds may not be asexual, but they’re not fully developed either–emotionally, mentally, *physically.* They should be with their peer group. They shouldn’t be marrying or having sex with frigging twenty-year-olds. They can do that when *they’re* twenty.

    And hello, no, the 12 year old does *not* bear any responsibility here, fool.

  43. Nebris

    This whole thing is a mess. The guy is apparently retarded and at a 12 year intellectual level himself. And it seems the gal, who is now 15, was and is ‘in charge’ of the relationship, for whatever that’s worth.

    Which brings me to ask what is going on that a 12 year girl feels she needs to act out power games with this ‘man/boy’ and where the fuck were her parents? Maybe she latched onto this ‘boy’ to escape from daddy. Maybe she was now ‘too old’ for daddy and replaced him. And her ‘man/boy’ is unlikely to survive in the joint.

    Of course, this has the nasty finger prints of Patriarchy all over it. Deformed relationships everywhere you turn. And every one loses.


  44. Donna

    Tim, when I was 12 I wanted to move out of the house and support myself with a paper route. 12 year olds are STUPID, as a general rule.

    That’s why their adult caretakers are supposed to protect them from harming themselves or being harmed by others.


    Umbrage, indeed. Go piss up a rope.

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