Sep 04 2005

On The Side Of The Brightness


At last! Manolo The Shoeblogger reports the final nail in PoMo’s coffin.


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  1. Fred


    I have a serious question. Are you a real feminist or some guy spoofing a feminist? It’s impossible to tell as always.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Twisty

    It’s impossible to tell as always.

    I know. It’s because I’m so fucking good.

  3. Sarah

    Didn’t we have the whole parody-accusations discussion like, weeks ago?

  4. Kate (Australia)

    Fred, are you a real troll or just a feminist pretending to spoof a troll for all our amusement? It’s impossible to tell.

  5. Anonymous

    You are indeed awesome, Miss Twisty, though I really have to say of “the use of the word “deconstructed” in the shoe advertisement signals the final end of the pernicious reign of the Derrida and his toadies!” — now that is fucking great. Much as I love shoes, I’m pretty much a post-deconstructionist myself. Thanks for pointing this out; it is indeed the nail in the coffin, the icing on the cake — all that & then some.

  6. Fred

    Give us a clue, mate. It’s driving us crazy. I have had the misfortune to spend enough time with feminists to know how bewildering they are.

  7. Twisty

    “the use of the word “deconstructed” in the shoe advertisement signals the final end of the pernicious reign of the Derrida and his toadies!” — now that is fucking great.

    The Manolo is indeed the shoeblogger of the fucking greatness.

  8. Fred

    Okay, I now realize that this is not some frat bro’s parody of feminism but rather the real thing. The logo picture at the top of the page threw me off.

    Like I said, for non-feminists it’s often hard to tell the difference between parody and deadly earnestness.

  9. Anonymous

    “Fred” is clearly a parody of parody-accusing trolls. UTTERLY BRILLIANT FRED!

  10. TimT

    Maybe all the commenters on this blogs are a right-wing parody of a left-wing parody of a right-wing parody of a feminist blog? Or maybe I’m just confused.

    Oh, and Beautiful Atrocities has all your shoe blog needs covered.

  11. robin

    you could try thinking of this blog as a Turing Test for feminism. If you can’t tell the difference between a feminist and a feminist spoofer by text alone, with no visual clues, then the writer of the text can be said to have achieved true feminist identity..
    but, Fred, I imagine you find many many things bewildering in life, so don’t let this most recent bewilderment upset your world too much..

  12. jc.

    Must be fools gold in that chunk of muck said the discerning prospecter and disdainfully threw the chunk back into the river where it was later picked up at Sutters Mill.
    Twisty may not always cure me of my patriarchal tendencies but she does make me laugh (and think)
    even at the sight of my own blood.

  13. Fred

    No wonder this country is torn in two. We have fanatical wingnuts on both sides. On the right we have the rabid capitalists, facists and braindead fundies. On the left we have misandrist feminists, spineless PCers, and the “I’m a perpetal victm of [fill-in-the-blank]” mob.

    A pox on both of your houses.

  14. Christopher

    Except the losers in this society are oppressed. My dad, at 51, remembers seeing drinking fountains labeled “colored” and “white” as a small boy. It’s been one damn generation since racism in this country was officially expunged from our institutions. I don’t understand how people expect that racism and its effects will go away so quickly.

    And then there’s women, who got the vote two generations ago, and who are still more likely to be raped or abused then men.

    And the gay folk, who are just now starting to get to the point that they can admit their orientation in public without getting the shit beaten out of them.

    Fuck, now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say…

    Oh yeah! I barely even know who the fuck Jaques Derrida was or what the hell post-modernism even is, let alone how something I had thought was a school of literary criticism relates to feminist philosophy or, for that matter, anything at all in the real world.

    Is it just me?

  15. WookieMonster

    I don’t understand a single bit of this post. Does anyone really care that much about shoes? I mean a cool pair of shoes is great, but I’ve found some of my faviorite pairs at K-mart…and thrift stores, wonderful, wonderful thrift stores.

  16. Twisty

    Yikes, lighten up, y’all! If you believe there is virtue in not giving a crap about Derrida or shoes, Manolo’s little joke isn’t funny, but so what? It’s a joke.

    Meanwhile, maybe you could look Derrida up. As Dr. B says, you might learn something.

    Or not.

  17. WookieMonster

    I wasn’t trying to be all down on the joke, I just didn’t get it (at all) and was kind of hoping someone would try to explain without me having to apologize all over myself for my lack of humor. Guess not.

  18. Twisty

    Dang, was I testy? Sorry!

  19. Eric

    “Manolo The Shoeblogger reports the final nail in PoMo’s coffin.”
    I saw it coming.

    Oh, and Sir Dude, the line was definitely “a plague on both your houses.”

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