Sep 07 2005

CEO Barbie


CEO Barbie encourages young girls to set impractical career goals.
[via Kid Sis In Hollywood]


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  1. ae

    CEO Barbie, a perfect companion for NBA Star Ken and My Little Fashion Model Pony.

  2. Penny

    … wearing impractically short skirts.

  3. rhondda

    I wish I had had a “Glass ceiling American girl” when I was growing up. I wanted to be a train engineer and when I asked one how to go about it, he laughed and laughed. I hope there are female train engineers now like more than one, like more than 10. I think a barbie, train engineer with greasy overalls and broken nails would be nice. However, I think you just push buttons now. How hard is that?

  4. ae

    Penny, really! But then, I’m always wearing Daisy Dukes to work; why not CEOs? Feh.

    And good lard, what is that growth on CEO Barbie’s hand? Answer: CEO Barbie don’t need no stinkin’ dexterity, beetches! She’s there to make CE(h)Oin’ look good.

    Twisty, did you see this Onion article? Ha!

  5. Twisty

    Twisty, did you see this Onion article? Ha!

    Ha, indeed. I have only rarely tasted food for the sake of which I would piss-gargle sweaty balls. Almost makes me yearn for the good old days.

  6. Tuomas

    Why does the whole “We need to teach out girls realistically what their changes are in life, so they don’t get too ambitious ideas” strike me as profoundly patronizing/matronizing and anti-feminist idea? God forbid a girl gets any dangerous ideas, you know, like she might actually become a CEO. Gotta put those little girls in their place early on, I suppose…

  7. Tuomas

    typo, “teach out…” should be “teach our…”

  8. norbizness

    No wonder she’s not successful; on closer inspection, that computer does not have an active monitor, but rather something approximating a word processing screen painted on. And that OUTFIT! Don’t get me started; that shit was played out in 1974.

  9. deja pseu

    Uh, Tuomas, it’s “The Onion.” That’s kind of the point.

  10. Tuomas

    (Googles The Onion) Ah, so it was farcical. Explains a lot… I swear, sometimes it’s hard to tell parody from actual arguments with all the batshit-craziness around (like Katrina caused by gays).

  11. Twisty

    No shit. I just read at Americablog how FEMA is trying to control media access to recovery efforts AND how they’re not letting evacuees take their pets with’em. I couldn’t watch the video as I bawled like a baby just looking at the photo of the dude hugging his dog. This cruelty is absolutely mind-boggling.

  12. Erin

    The Best Friends animal sanctuary is taking applications from anyone willing & able to foster rescued pets until their families can take them back. They’re also taking donations of money and goods. I saw footage of a guy who refused to leave because they wouldn’t let him take his dogs. He said they were his responsibility and he wouldn’t just leave them. I tear up just thinking about it.

    Here’s the Best Friends information (note: I had some problems viewing this with Firefox last night, and had to switch to IE, but it seems to be better now)

  13. mcmc

    I see that although ceo barbies’s skirt is inappropriate, she does have the requisite hair-tunnel coiffure. Halfway there, baby!

  14. ae

    Was it this video? I boohooed. The guy had had his dog for 14 years and he was only 24! If I’d been there, I would have personally volunteered to drive that man’s dog to him anywhere in the country. it ends happily.

    I would like to give a big shout-out right now to the state of NC for allowing evacuees to take their pets w/ them on the planes and in the evacuation centers. Every once in a while these idjits get it right.

    Dearest Twisty, the thought of you having anything to do w/ sweaty balls breaks my heart, but don’t let that stop you from quoting your most vicious review ever. ;-)

    I would consider fellating Jesse Helms (gahhhkkk) to have the summer tomato salad at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA. Good god damn, that was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Slapjack chowder in Seattle, a close second. And do not even get me started on the beet and arugula salad at the Getty Museum Cafe in LA. Simple, elegant, literally every bite a joy. My pal Joe and I still talk about that salad.

  15. ae

    Dude, I can’t believe I didn’t mention the dumpling soup at Legendary Noodle in Vancouver, BC! (And, dude, don’t try stealing that name for your band; it’s mine!)

    Okay, I’ll stop now.

  16. Summer

    Oooh. She’s pretty.

  17. Alpaca Rider

    It depresses me to know that the best food item I have ever tasted came from a restaraunt that is now hopelessly underwater.

    Stuffed Chicken Marsala from [insert forgettable name of hole-in-the-wall NOLA establishment], I shall miss you. I promised to come back for you, but didn’t make it in time.

  18. Sylvanite

    I want me an Underpaid Assistant Ken. He could do my filing for me.

  19. Chris Clarke

    I couldn’t watch the video as I bawled like a baby just looking at the photo of the dude hugging his dog.

    Telll me about it. For the last few days here it’s been “read web, burst into tears, go find Zeke and hug him.”

    It is making him a little uncomfortable. He’s taken to slinking out of the room when I fire up the computer.

    I can’t even look at that black and tan shepherd mix on the roof. She’s going to be a fucking corporate logo for all the rescue groups for the next year, and my brain just shuts down when I see her.

    (Zeke! Come here, Zeke.)

  20. WookieMonster

    I would refuse to leave if I couldn’t bring my dog. I know people always say, “oh, but think about the PEOPLE who are suffering, you’re just being selfish to think about a DOG”, but she’s the love of my life. I can’t imagine life without her, especially after losing everything else.

  21. Jodie

    Pets can also be helpful in reducing the trauma caused by losing everything else — it was criminal and emotionally unhealthy to make people leave their pets behind.

  22. Magikmama

    Just a cherry on top of my day. A complete fucktard (straight white male aged 20-something) decided to announce outloud during a sociology lecture on gender and power in america, that it was (i wrote this down to get the quote right) “imperative that we teach young girls that being attractive is the most important thing in their lives, since ugly women are not allowed to be successful.”
    I then mused allowed if that kind of treatment of little girls could be considered criminally abusive.
    He then responded that obviously I needed to get laid, and volunteered his services.
    Not surprisingly, the instructor, who is also the head of the women’s studies dept at my college, told him outloud that he had just committed sexual harrassment.
    He, being a complete fucktard, argued back that I deserved it.
    She, not being a fucktard, informed him he could consider himself out of the course.

  23. norbizness

    Magik: Now set that story 25 years in the past and tell it inna Paul Harvey style…. “and that young man, shamed by instructor and classmates, grew up to be… Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. And that’s… the rest of the story.”

  24. PrissyNot

    You made me cry at work. They aren’t taking pets!!??!! I’m tearing up even as we espeak. I’m going to have to leave work early and go hug my dog and all three of my cats. Has anyone considered what a horrible world that must be for any cats that have survived??? I can’t deal.

  25. curiousgyrl

    “they aren’t taking pets”

    Guys. I’m a pet lover too. I’m a 24-year-old with a pet I’ve owned for 12 years.

    But they werent’ taking PEOPLE for most of the last week.

  26. WookieMonster

    Yeah, and that’s a fucking tragedy, seriously. But when people are getting out, they should be able to bring their pets with them, that’s all there is to it. People consider pets family, I know I do. I would no more leave my dog behind than leave my mom or sisters. When they’re talking about forcing people to leave and they’re not letting them take care of their family that happens to have four legs, it’s heaping cruelty on top of all of the shit they’ve already been through.

  27. jennifer

    I find it incredibly ironic that Barbie’s desk is, in fact, a vanity table.

  28. Chris Clarke

    But they werent’ taking PEOPLE for most of the last week.

    I am completely sympathetic to this argument.

    However, part of the problem was not only that they weren’t taking people, but the God Damn Fucking Murdering Racist Assholes Who Will Rot In Hell And Hopefully Soon At That on the police force of Gretna, just across the river, were not letting people walk to safety on the higher ground across the bridge, turning people back at gunpoint so they could starve and drown and such.

    I venture to guess that if people had been allowed to walk out, most people with pets would have done so gladly if notified that FEMA would not be evacuating pets. When it becomes “the only way out is on our five-days-late bus, which is going we cannot tell you where, and no you can’t bring your dog,” then all of that is a Big Fucking Problem.

  29. Sylvanite

    Yeah, I read that account by the EMS convention folks. I can’t even believe (well, yeah, I guess I can) that the Gretna sheriff’s dept. was so…evil. They ran people off the bridge, AND confiscated their food and water. It makes me sick. Officious pricks.

  30. ae

    Ditto Chris Clarke.

    And is it just me, or has NPR awakened to the fact that the B*sh madministration are incompetent, murderous buffoons? I thought I heard a report this morning that characterized the federal response as, well, utterly lacking. Rove’s talking points must not have made their way to the Morning Edition newsdesk. Glory be!

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