Sep 16 2005

Je vais à St. Louis

Fellow patriarchy-blamers: Heeding the expensive advice of medical professionals, I’ll be hitting the trail this weekend to revisit several of the scenes of my misspent youth in the Midwest. The last time I left Austin for St. Louis I was held against my will for 25 years. This time I hope to be back by Monday. If I’m not, call the feds. May your weekend be unfraught wiith anything.


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  1. Sylvanite

    If you get held against your will again, may the feds respond quickly to your plight. If not, I’m sure folks here could mount an effective rescue.

    Good luck!

  2. Finn

    If yer in StL, we have to get sushi, right?

  3. CafeSiren

    Will this fix your wazzoo?

  4. Chris Clarke

    No! Not the lair of your Arch enemy!

  5. Lauren

    Ever make your way to Indiana and you’ll have a somewhat comfortable futon waiting for your twisty self.

  6. ae

    Wait, a whole weekend w/o Twisty?? I guess I’ll have to read or something. This sucketh.

    And dude! We’re not calling the feds if you’re Twistynapped! That’s like calling The Man. The Man wants Twisty incommunicado, and that’s why The Man is going down. I’m calling the Guerrilla Girls. And Oprah.

  7. ae

    Heh. “Arch” enemy. Good one, Chris.

  8. Mandos

    Twisty gone? I blame the patriarchy.

  9. nicky

    But…what about Zippy and Bart? It’s been a while since you’ve done a puppy post. Some of us long for an update.

  10. Steve Pick

    Word is that Cat and I just missed an actual Twisty sighting at the Contemporary Art Museum opening of the big ol’ exhibit of women photographers (including the very famous Cindy Sherman, who presented some of her very unfamous early work). Same place, different times.

    When did art openings start attracting as many people as mega-churches?

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