Sep 21 2005

Post-Katrina Stress Syndrome

It turns out that I wasn’t the only incredulous bystander to lose wazzoo functionality after the hurricane. This article in the Trib reports that there’s been a surge of "agitation" in Prozac Nation. The somewhat sentimental report (a sad 82-year-old lady is canvassed for her views; she feels "empty") focuses on the general sense of insecurity sweeping the country, suggesting that current American angst has outstripped even that of the Mutha of unexpected disasters, 9/11.

The Trib gives the reason for the surpassment as a feeling of "disappointment," which apparently didn’t exist in the kick-some-Muslim-ass atmosphere following 9/11. Why don’t they come right out and say it? What is meant by "disappointment" is that the scales have fallen from everybody’s eyes and they can no longer deny that their elected officials are all either criminally negligent buffoons or full-on racist depravos.

Criminally negligent buffoonery and full-on racist depravity seem so resplendent when the targets are vulnerable brown people overseas. American fucktardism, I guess, is never apparent to Americans until it’s reflected in the toxic swamp of sewage that used to be an American city.


  1. dread pirate roberts

    seems to me that your wazoo functionality has returned. nice recovery.

  2. ae

    This phenom of slavish kick-(insert maligned group here)-ass response is what keeps me up at night. So many Murkans’ identities are so closely knit to the fabric of the Murkan Dream and Murka Uber Alles! and Jeebus is Murkan as to be indistinguishable from those ideas. An attack on God and country is an attack on them. We need to rend these concepts of self and country in a sneaky/gentle/firm/self-obliterating way. I just can’t figure out how to do it, except to engage in a revolutionary program of 1) civic education and 2) intensive cultural/media crit training as strategies for understanding the propaganda machine behind the curtain. The flag-waving populace needs to understand they’ve been duped, but how?

    Twisty, you live in Texas, I live in NC, two states upon which folks looooove to cast aspersions. We know plenty of good-hearted folk who, whatever their failings, don’t think poor people of any color deserved to live and die in depraved conditions. Those folks, who don’t/won’t read Luce Irigiray, are the ones we need to reach. The crusty racist godbag element, fuck ’em. I’m too tired to get my dander up for them, may they rot in the festering pit of their own bigoted making.

  3. Pinko Punko

    It’s true. There probably was a Prozac upturn following the tsunamis because there were enough westerners on vaca and there was a lot of video. It’s like people will be spurred to act by a story about an abandoned kitten because of Katrina, but not Darfur. I’ll even admit that I can’t explain it, just thinking about the kitties does something more than thinking about the carnage. Is it because of the scale of it? Does it become too horrible beyond a certain level that you shut off, while you don’t shut it off in response to a puppy?

    In the film “The COnstant Gardener” which I hesitate to mention, because for some reason while watching it I had vibes of it maddening Twisty, there is essentially a series of scenes that spell out Darfur without saying “Darfur” and it is completely heartbreaking. Why would someone have to see this in a film to understand how terrible it is?

    To round out the babbling, I think that things have to happen here before people clue in. If the LGFers and Freepers truly truly understood the carnage in Iraq and the desperation and suffering, they would have complete breakdowns over the guilt.

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