Sep 28 2005


Dammit, wouldn’t you know, right in the middle of Fashion Week, urgent stupid crap requires that I temporarily abandon my post. I’ll try to wedge in the odd post here or there, but I may be away from my desk through the weekend. In the meantime, keep blaming, and feel free to use this space for the blowing off of steam, or the drawing of attention to the vile current event, or the making of the impertinent remark, or what have you.


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  1. Capt. Trollypants

    “Hi I’m a Twisty Commenttr: I love you TWISTY I LOVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU DO IS FUNNY!!! HAHAHHH!HH!H!”

  2. Pinko Punko


    The truth hurts. Twisty is objectively awesome, and even though we are sometimes the deserving object of her blame, on the absolute scale of awesometasticness, Twisty outranks you and most of us put together, so don’t be such a cobag. I think I would assign her a super high rank, if rank weren’t so rank with patriarchy. Perhaps she might be elevated from “a spinster aunt” to “The Spinster Aunt”. Would a change in article and capitalization constitute patriarchy?

  3. Chris Clarke

    Captain Trollypants, I would so make out with you.

    And then I wouldn’t return your calls after that, and I’d spread rumors about you to all the guys.

  4. Pinko Punko

    He totally deserves to be pwn3d in such a way. The Capt. is probably on a Take Five bar bender right now. It’s like crack, only more addictive. When will Hershey Co. stop wreaking havoc amongst our youth with its crappy yet yummy concoctions?

  5. nina

    Dudes, don’t feed the trolls, and fer goodness sakes, don’t be making out with them!

  6. Carrie

    Hi, I’m a Twisty Commenter. I love Twisty because, rather than resorting to some ideological owner’s manual of feminism that draws unlifelike divisions between female=right and male=wrong, Twisty understands the ways that patriarchy is a mindset that both genders are often guilty of. Yet, rather than pointing the finger at the human espousing patriarchy, she generously allows that it’s not human error, but the creeping patriarchal logic itself that is to blame. I also love Twisty for making Mr. T tell the patriarchy to “prepare to be thrown.” While a boring old ideological feminism would say Mr. T is a sign of male power, blah blah blah, Twisty recognizes his unapologetically revolutionary awesomeness. Twisty inspires my internal patriarchy-blaming, which gets seriously turned off most of the time by knee-jerkers.

    I am shocked that people who don’t agree with certain blogs waste their time reading them…

  7. Kyra

    Carrie: people read blogs they don’t agree with, either to know their enemy, or to make fun of their enemy. Or both.

    Trollypants: if you’re going to be sarcastic, it’s generally a good idea to make it blatantly obvious, lest your sarcasm go unnoticed (and thus credited with supporting whatever it is you’re mocking) by other readers who have just come off of nine hours of classes and are too tired and uncaffeinated to think straight. My thoughts as I read your post were as follows: “Hi I’m a Twisty commenttr!” Oh, someone’s celebrating her first post here, cool! Although she’s a bit careless about her spelling. “I love you Twisty . . .” And she’s a big Twisty fan like the rest of us.

    Then I read the next few posts, and oh, that wasn’t sincere, it was just bad sarcasm. Oh well.

    Impertinent remark: The patriarchy is an outmoded douchebag of a social construct which doesn’t deserve to be shat on, much less exist.

  8. CafeSiren

    Twisty writes beautifully.

  9. TimT

    I am shocked that people who don’t agree with certain blogs waste their time reading them…

    Perhaps they like their own views to be challenged and enjoy the stimulating to-and-fro of debate?

    I visit this blog for lines like this:

    … Try and take a flying fuck at a donut.

  10. Pinko Punko

    Kids, I think the Capt. was being ironic, in that he was too ashamed to say it straight, so he said it his way. Twisty knows how to handle the Capt.

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