Oct 02 2005

Paulie The Penis


Flea links to this repellent Flash movie featuring Amy Sedaris as a talking cowboy dong, saying things like "I’m a penis!"


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  1. bitchphd

    I made the mistake of showing it to PK, and even he thought it was repellent.

  2. PZ Myers

    I usually like cartoons with talking penises, but I have to agree…this one was unpleasant.

    I think they forgot to add any funny to the script.

  3. antelope

    Here, on the other hand, is a much more appealing talking vagina and a more entertaining talking penis. I highly recommend this one whether or not you have any reason to learn about how pregnancy happens.

  4. cat

    antelope, that link didnt work but here’s one that should:


    haha. i kinda liked that one. but yes the puberty movie sucked hard.

  5. Anonymous

    or not. damn. well it’s at planned parenthood under health info > pregnancy.

  6. fayrene

    I like Amy Sedaris, but I LOVE Amy Sedaris as a talking penis!

  7. curiousgirl

    I was completely unprepared for how repellent that was going to be. I was expecting the gross out stuff, but not so much the pseudo-ironic, unfunny racist crap.

  8. BitingBeaver

    Holy shit. That *was* a joke…umm…right? It had to be. Please someone tell me that we’re not showing that hideous example of a movie to our children? I mean, the vagina was a hideous old lady, it reeked of misogyny, racism and, gods, something else entirely.

    It was a joke, right?

  9. WookieMonster

    Although I can’t watch the video from work, I would say that anything that has Amy Sedaris as the voice of a talking penis would HAVE to be a joke.

  10. fayrene

    OMG, yathink?

  11. flea

    Yep, Amy Sedaris is one odd little piece of ham, all right. Definitely not for kids. Sorry, Dr. B., I really thought the words “Amy Sedaris” would be synonymous with “not for kids.”

    I’m pretty sure she enjoys going out of her way to horrify people.

  12. teh l4m3

    I second Flea’s motion.

    And maybe it’s the tertiary syphilis attacking my brain, but I thought it was pretty frickin’ funny.

  13. Ron Sullivan

    You got a problem with hideous old ladies, BB? Promise me you’ll never be one, hey.


  14. Baubo

    That is a vulva in the PPH movie, not a vagina.

  15. Hattie

    Well, if that doesn’t keep the younguns away from sex, nothing will.
    Just discovered you, Twisty. Best of luck with your medical adventures. They will save you. I know lots of breast cancer survivors, including my daughter. Fifteen years ago you would have had much to fear, but not these days.

  16. CafeSiren

    The PP movie is kind of fun. And the subtext (“A zygote is not a baby, stupid!”) is loud & clear.

    I’m glad they put the whole bit in it about the new research showing it’s the female gamete that does the “selecting,” rather than the old schema that gave us anthropomorphized macho sperm, “competing” to take possession of an utterly passive ovum.

    Now, let’s think about that: who would Twisty blame for the old (erroneous) biology textbook paradigm?

  17. BitingBeaver

    No, I do not have a problem with ‘hideous old ladies’. (I’m far closer to the hideous old lady than not) The word choice of ‘hideous’ wasn’t based on the age of the vulva, rather in the PORTRAYAL of the vulva.

    The problem I had was that the penis was young and firm and, for lack of a better word, almost cute. The vulva, on the other hand, was drawn explicitly to be shocking and repugnant.

    Obviously, being closer in age to *old* rather than *young* the age thing was fine, but I know you’re not going to sit here and tell me that the penis wasn’t drawn to be cute and endearing and the vulva wasn’t drawn specifically to be shocking and, quite frankly, ugly, are you?

    While I found the movie funny, (in an insulting sort of way, and then, only after realizing that it was intended to be a joke) I think it would have been FAR funnier if the penis had been drawn old and wrinkly and hanging at half-staff. Maybe with a blue pill labeled ‘viagara’ inside it’s cutesy little holsters.

  18. BitingBeaver

    The movie that planned parenthood put out quite frankly bothered me MORE than the one that was obviously just a joke.

    The information contained within the movie was decent, but quite frankly, using a feminist lens, I can see hoardes of things wrong with it.

    Using cartoon penises and vulva’s is all well and good but the stereotyping that went on in that movie was pretty egregious. At least in my opinion.

  19. Mandos

    Yeah the pearl as ovum and all that for the PP one.

    This one was indeed repulsive. From the immediately annoying voice onward. And it was clearly meant as a joke, what with that whole sword scene.

  20. sarahsarah

    “but the stereotyping that went on in that movie was pretty egregious”

    I’m guessing that the purpose of this is to show that how stereotypes are manifested in, and how they effect sexual discourse in this country is, well, pretty f***ing egregious

  21. curiousgirl

    I dont think anyone was confused that this was meant as a joke. The point is that it is a repugnant, unfunny joke, imho

  22. Ron Sullivan

    I know you’re not going to sit here and tell me that the penis wasn’t drawn to be cute and endearing

    Hey some of us like the young meat…
    (If we’re going to get all serious here, I guess I’ll specify that I quit cradle-robbing ‘way back in my 20s. So you’re safe, CCC.)

    and the vulva wasn’t drawn specifically to be shocking and, quite frankly, ugly, are you?

    Naw, it’s just the unfashionable handbag.

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