Oct 18 2005


Some of you have intimated that, in view of my recent unpleasantness, you would like to send me diverting pulp fiction or knitted boobs or whatever, and out of embarrassment and a sense of undeservinginity, I have demurred. Since then, however, cooler heads, such as those sprouting from the necks of BitchPhD and Amanda Marcotte, have suggested to me that community is a good thing, and that I am a chump for standing in the way of your three-dimensional expressions of patriarchy-blaming solidarity. So if the offer still stands, I have engaged a beneficient third party to act as my mail drop. Any little doo-dads addressed as follows will eventually find their way into my midst. And thanks, all yall. You’re swell.

c/o Daniel Ahearn
9101 Spinning Leaf Cove
Austin TX 78735


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  1. Chris Clarke

    One thousand pink bears ready for shipping, ma’am!

  2. Sasha

    Knitted boobs rock.

  3. Sara

    Great. I will hunt up those videos and get them in the mail. (Postage will be included. If you don’t like them, you or a third party intermediary can send them back.)

    You have good friends. Those of us who don’t really know you just wish to give something back to you for all the amusement, etc., you’ve provided us. Thank you for allowing it.

    Even though I gave up Judaism long, long, long ago due, among other things, to that whole Patriarchy thing, it has a couple of smart things to say, and one of them is that when you let other people help you, you are doing them a favor, a mitzvah, conferring a blessing. So even though the Patriarchy has conditioned us all to try to be brave, self-sufficient armies of one, it’s not only okay to accept gifts and assistance from both friends and strangers, it’s yet another way of giving to us.

    It’s not your job to give to us, of course. But thanks for the present anyway.


  4. res publica

    If someone actually sends you knitted boobs, please please post pictures of it/them. Because I have GOT to see that.

  5. bitchphd

    Oh goody, I have some crap to get rid of left over after the last yard sale.

    Kidding! I kid.

    But maybe some halloween decorations…

  6. Sasha

    I can show you pictures of knitted boobs, even before any get sent. Check this out, and scroll to the bottom of the page for more:

  7. kathy a

    incoming paperbacks! not a nobel candidate in the bunch. if you hate them, feel free to pass them along or have a bonfire, whatever.

    chris — i thought you were sending figurines and a shotgun? you aren’t going pink on us, are you?

  8. AndiF

    I decided not to send you anything because I’m such a dweeb that I would end just worrying that you already had it or didn’t want it; so instead there’s a gift certificate from Powell’s coming to your email. And if you really, really wanted to use part of it for a “Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” dvd, I wouldn’t object.

  9. Erin

    You had a civil war?

  10. Chris Clarke

    chris — i thought you were sending figurines and a shotgun?

    Californians generally don’t need to export shortguns to Texas, I’m thinking.

  11. Chris Clarke


  12. Miriam

    when I saw the knitted boob pattern I TOTALLY thought of you! What cup size you want? :)


  13. SF Knitter

    did Dan ever live in Durham, NC?

  14. yclepta

    Hi Twisty
    Hope you are doing ok.
    I have tagged you as I thought it might serve as a welcome distraction! x

  15. kathy a

    i hope this is not just old news, and also that it lives up to the hype, but — there is big news about a cancer drug [herceptin] doing good things for early stage breast cancer [it is already used for later stages]:


    i’m also happy because my mail person picked up the load of paperbacks for you today, instead of making me trek to the post office.

    mail-guy has mistrusted the household since junior-dog joined us a couple years back. she believes he is the agent of satan because he Leaves Stuff At Our House.

  16. alphabitch

    My sister the mailman has won over all the dogs on her route. She refuses to carry the USPS-issued mace and instead fills a pocket with tiny lowfat organic dog treats. When a dog barks at her for Leaving Stuff at the House (and many of them do; it’s their job) she walks briskly by without looking at them and tosses a treat at them. A couple of days of that and they can’t wait for her arrival. They are beside themselves with happiness whenever someone in a blue uniform passes by. They adore her. They’re still suspicious of the UPS people in brown outfits, and the FedEx people with their double-parked trucks, but they love the postal service. And she loves them.

  17. larkspur

    I propose that if we send things to Twisty via USPS (or any other method which doesn’t provide a way to confirm receipt) that we also include an addressed, stamped return post-card on which she can simply scrawl “Thx” (thereby letting us know it didn’t get lost in route) and drop it in the mail, and that beyond that, we should declare an open-ended THANK YOU NOTE AMNESTY. Twisty, sez I, should play with the toys, watch the vids, listen to the tunes, marvel at the myriad items that knitting can produce…and not fret the least little bitty bit about the writing of thank you notes.

    I say this with full awareness that I am not the boss of any of y’all.

  18. Manolo the Shoeblogger

    Hello to the Twisty!

    The Manolo he is thinking only the good thoughts for you, and wishing you the most speedy recovery to the health.

    You are indeed most super fantastic!

    Muchos Besos!


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