Oct 22 2005

Twisty’s Big Night On The Town

Tom DeLay Mugshot Mug

Guess who I saw boozing it up last night at Club DeVille! Norbizness and Lindsay Beyerstein and Amanda Marcotte!  And later, The Ethical Werewolf. And later, a dude whose name I didn’t catch who claimed to be stalking Amanda. We were celebrating Tom Delay’s perp walk, which transpired at the Travis County courthouse yesterday morning, and which Amanda and Lindsay had been privileged to witness with unrestrained delight.

Lindsay took pictures of the blessed event. In this one, the tremendously ugly DeLay is baring his teeth like a cornered primate, to express his disdain for due process. Don’t you just want to slap the shit-eating grin off that cocksucker’s face with a handful of something really gross, such as poop? Or santorum? Although santorum is technically a species of poop, I guess.

Tom DeLay, former House majority leader, is, you will recall, in a bit of stinky doodoo for failing to sufficiently conceal his incompetence as a money-launderer. His lawyer, who also represented the famously incinerated Waco nutjob David Koresh, is currently just making shit up in order to get the judge to recuse himself.

That’s Texas!

Lindsay and the aforementioned Austin bloggers are, you will recall, among the nation’s stone foxiest bloggers, and are also exceedingly entertaining conversationalists. The devastatingly handsome Norbizness, for example, regaled us with hilarious anecdotes about his former job, an unpaid position which I think had something to do with torturing schizophrenics for laffs.

That’s the secret world of foxy bloggers!

Club DeVille, you will recall, was recently recognized by the Austin Chronicle for employing the "hottest" bartenders, whoo-hoo.

That’s the patriarchy!


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  1. norbizness

    Lies, vicious lies. Except for the part about my foxiness… I’m so foxy I was trailed by a group of hounds through the English countryside.

  2. peacebug

    twisty – a big THANK YOU for showing us lindsey’s pix. that’s a moment for travis county history all right.

    friends and family will see these tonight!

    cheers and all that!

  3. Amanda Marcotte

    Thanks for coming out! I had way, way, way too much fun.

  4. masterfraud

    The horror. He is one uglyass motherfucker. Shivers.

  5. The Fat Lady Sings

    Girlfriend – I hope they take that bastard’s birthday away!

  6. bitchphd

    My god, you’re starting to make me wish I lived in Texas.

  7. Neil the Ethical Werewolf

    Well, that was fun! Maybe we’ll meet again soon!

  8. Daphne

    The picture of Tom Delay makes me feel so sick.

    that is all. Except to start a big argument about whether or not it’s funny that you wrote “torturing schizophrenics for laffs”.


  9. eRobin

    I’m with Dr. Bitch – except I would have to live in Austin, which almost doesn’t count.

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