Oct 26 2005

Merseyside Mourns Dead Chicken

Moments after these eggs were fried, a cohort of weeping Liverpudlians arrived on the scene with teddy bears, flowers, and cries of "Jesus loves you, little yolks!"

It turns out that American godbags aren’t the only ones who go to pieces at the thought of motherless embryos.

Distantly apropos of embryos: What is the deal with these fucking nutjob pharmacists? BitchPhD links to an article about yet another instance of some godstruck loony denying a rape victim access to Plan B.  As the Dr. points out "for the umpteenth time," Plan B is a contraceptive, not an abortion pill. Not that it matters a fig to me either way, since women need to be able to control pregnancy by whatever means necessary, but presumably the aforementioned nutjob pharmacists have been to pharmacy school, and should, theoretically, grasp the difference. Do these delusional zealots also refuse to sell rubbers and birth control pills? Their supposed conscientious objection to Plan B appears to be an idée fixe, or a sort of mass hysteria, and that they are allowed to mingle freely with the general public–let alone dispense drugs–when they so clearly exhibit symptoms of psychosis is absolutely outrageous.

Thanks for the chicken link, Darky.


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  1. klem

    That religious ideology should determine policy is a popular notion thanks to secretion Bush and the people who are his spine.
    Hells Bells!- it has people like my mother,who seems to have been a complete agnostic for most of her life, now suddenly forwarding all these prayer circle tributes to fallen soldier-heros via email….blech.

    I worked in a pharmacy for years where one employee was constantly disappearing to go and fullfill her daily prayer requirement–I swear I thought she was stealing pills at first and I’m still not too sure.

    But these same pharms surely have no problem passing out the viagra, even to the all the pricks who don’t need it.

    Pharmacy school graduation should require an oath of never becoming a religious *ucktard!

  2. Mandos

    You actually like your eggs fried, sunny side up? I can only ever eat omelettes or frittatas. Curiously I can tolerate raw yolks better than I can semi-cooked or boiled yolks.

  3. Twisty

    Mandos, could it be we actually agree at last? I, too, prefer my eggal experiences in omelette form. The photo illustrating this post does not represent my personal ovular views; due to laziness, it was nicked from another website. If you scrutinize it closely, you will perceive the double-yolk of which the photographer was so proud.

  4. peacebug

    I propose a grassroots campaign to force pharmacies like target to fire employees who substitute their personal philosophy for the considered prescription of a medical doctor.

    SOMEwhere it must be written, some law, something!, that says the authority of a doctor’s Rx cannot be trumped by some cheerless zealot behind the counter at the drugstore.

    let target et al set up a drug-dispensing outlet that serves only the hyper-religious so we can keep the ideologues separate from normal society.

    how the hell do they get away with this complete bullshit?

  5. Mandos

    Oh no! I can’t be seen agreeing with someone!


    But in the meantime, have you seen the fish with a bicycle? I found it on Feministe:


  6. Jess

    I really want to see the dead chicken/baby. Does it seem strange to anyone else that the police DOCTOR couldn’t recognize that it was not in fact a human baby, but a dead chicken carcass? I want pictures!

    Maybe somebody has been spending too much time studying haeckel’s drawings . Ontogeny may recapitulate phylogeny, but that doesn’t mean babies look like chickens. When will people get it right?!

  7. Kristen from MA

    actaully, Twisty, i have read about pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions. it’s pretty disturbing…

  8. Chris Clarke

    [Looks hard at photo]

    Which one a them is my brain on drugs again?

  9. MsKate

    The one with the rainbow spiral effect going on … just stare a little longer after you lick that next kiddie sticker faxed to you by some evil presence outside your household.

  10. ae

    Do these delusional zealots also refuse to sell rubbers and birth control pills?

    Sadly, there are delusional zealot “pharmacists” opposed to birth control. [WARNING: Very high godbag quotient.]

  11. binky

    I don’t know if you all read PZ Myers (biology and pro-evolution mostly, but also lots of good general blogging) but this week he put up one of his lectures about evolution. http://tinyurl.com/dxnkp It shows various actual embryos (cat, chicken, human). I probably couldn’t tell them apart to save my life.

  12. Nancy M

    From the story evidence, I’d say a good Catholic Liverpudlian would like their oeufs coddled.

    My best goose has just finished mourning a couple of aborts in her latest brood. She does this by consuming the dead baby goodness.
    What a star. She has thus found a way to make gestation work in her favour and emerges less bedraggled and strung out than her sisters.

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