Oct 27 2005

Men’s Group Has Brilliant Idea

Check this out: "If you want to curb domestic violence, men need to be more responsible." That’s the zany notion that an Ocala, Florida group called Men Against Violence Against Women have come up with. At a recent meeting of the group, a klieg light flashed over the head of the Ocala police chief, who expressed his amazement at the novel concept that the perpetrators of assaults on women should actually be held accountable for their actions. "We always focus on the women," he said.


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  1. Steph

    Oh my god, does this mean they’ll start playing an active role in preventing pregnancies and start picking up their underwear off the bathroom floor?

  2. sam

    Knowing the listed litany of women murdered by their male partners is just the tip of the iceberg in this one community, in the state of Florida, in America, is a sickening, sobering thought.

  3. Sylvanite

    Right on, Sam. The brutality of the murders in just that short list was appalling. A machete? Jeez! Yeah, it really is past time that men start holding other men accountable for that sort of bullshit. I’m glad to hear about this men’s group. Just a bunch of grown-ups sitting around discussing the problems of life and how to handle stress and responsibility. I hope they don’t end up getting infected with “father’s rights” yahoos.

  4. Charlie

    “We always focus on the women,” he said.

    I thought that was just Twisty being facetious, but then I read the article…

  5. Josef K

    Whoah, mamma. Next we’ll be hearing that the solution to road deaths is not to scare the bejeezus out of schoolchildren and force them to wear fluorescent clothing, but somethig crazy like teaching drivers to be more responsible.

  6. laughingmuse

    It’s a good idea – it’s just disgusting that this whole concept – men being aware of and trying to be responsible about preventing violence against women – is so novel! What a shocker.

    And sorry, I don’t think murdering a loved one and setting them on fire or hacking them to death is a “poor decision”, but is someone who believes women are somehow less, or their property. We need to revamp the psychological fabric backing of our society. Maybe men’s groups like this one talking about the problems in their communities, is a start.

  7. Joolya

    Just saw a PBS show about women emigrating to the US; there was a very depressing segment on Latin American women (in particularly a woman from Guatemala) who seek asylum in the US because their criminal justice system does absolutely nothing to protect women from domestic violence or punish abusers. It was awful. Fucking patriarchy.

  8. Joolya

    Check this out: http://www.iavireport.org/Issues/Issue9-3/stephenlewis.asp
    “absolute vindication of the feminist analysis”!

  9. Joolya

    “I see very little change on the ground. There is little progress in building a legal infrastructure and getting laws in place to protect the property and inheritance rights of women. It moves from inertia to paralysis. We need the toughest laws imaginable against sexual violence and marital rape, and we need ways to enforce them. We need to encourage the social empowerment of women, whether it’s putting girls in school or starting income-generating projects. But I just can’t get over how slowly this is happening. What we have is an absolute vindication of the feminist analysis: when you’re dealing with the inability of men to relinquish power and authority, then you are in real trouble. ”

    Steven Lewis on women with HIV in Africa.

  10. MsKate

    The father’s rights yahoos do have a point: men are more than sperm donors and wallets and the courts really need to change in that regard.

    I had friends who racked up major legal bills in an amicable divorce where they agreed on how to divide property, childrearing, and child support because the dumbass idiot judges just didn’t get how a father could contribute less money and more time to the equation – or why he would want to! Judge Jerkweed even berated the male partner for not “moving on” by severing all but financial ties with his kids! Never mind that the separating couple agreed to do things in a way that preserved their family while splitting their union – it didn’t fit the 1950’s formula and thus took much wrangling to get it through.

    Insofar as fathers are willing to take responsibility for their children and divorces and request equitable human rights, I’m with the yahoos, I’m afraid. The rigidly proscribed roles in divorce are a big part of the patriarchy, and they are fighting it. If the family courts would get with the program, the wacko elements in the father’s rights movement would lose traction fast!

  11. Sylvanite

    I don’t intend to tar all men with the “yahoo” brush. If they want to remain very involved in their children’s lives, well, that’s what they’re supposed to do! Unfortunately, it often seems that if you scratch a member of a bonafide “father’s rights” organization (rather than the sort of group discussed in this article), underneath is a controller. They seem to be less interested in making sure they remain in their children’s lives than making that bitch pay. Now, I’ve gotten this impression from the vocal sorts who usually end up quoted in the media, so the perception I have could be quite distorted by the sort of aggressive creeps who tend to shout the loudest about their “rights.” If these gentlemen are not representative of the membership of these organizations, I think they need to get some new spokesmen, cuz some of the current ones leave a bad impression.

  12. Xavier Harkonnen

    I think Glenn Sacks is genuine. Largely because he is still married and has no reason to be bitter.

  13. Sabre

    I lived in that shithole town for nearly 20 years and some of my old friends still don’t understand why I left. It’s one of those towns that once was listed as an “All American City”, and then it was listed as one of the worst places for women to live by Self Magazine in another year. Recently I believe it was in CNN/Money’s list of good places to live.

    Sure, it’s a great town in some respects. It’s clean, the air is pure, the sky is a pretty shade of blue. It’s *pretty*. Okay, I can’t think of any other reasons that it’s a good place to be. Poverty levels are through the roof, high school drop out rates are staggering, education is a joke, and women, especially single women, are not real people and were most likely asking for it. On account of them being, well, you know, whores and all.

  14. Sarah Ennals

    Mercifully, my only brush to date with the yahoo type of MRAs was years ago when they called a theatre I was involved with about booking a block of tickets (they never called back, as far as I know). The reason I remeber this is that the play was Lysistrata.

    Maybe they planned to use it as an example of how devious women are: “Look! Look! They’re withholding sex in order to interfere with the men’s rightful, civilization-destroying and expensive war!”

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