Nov 04 2005

It’s Nice To Be Nice To The Nice


Marianna, who apparently possesses a time machine, sends recipe cards from 1973, one of my favorite years.

My mail collector has made another delivery. I continue to be amazed at the real nice niceness of the patriarchy-blaming community.

• Rene, yowser on the Michael Innes novel and the goofy flyer advertising (I think) German soy milk.

• Marianna, the exquisite shower curtain with pictures of raw steaks all over it has really given the drab old bathroom that much-needed butcher-chic makeover.
• Thanks to Jeanne and George for the cool ultramellow CD of Zen meditations, which, because I have little to no mindfulness, has already come in handy.
• Liza, meanwhile, has sent even more novels, as well as a great book about a chef.
• An anonymous benefactor has sent gourmet dog biscuits, which I am taking the liberty of forwarding to Zippy and Bert.
• Debby, the tangerine bath soap (les tumultes du monde dispariaissent) smells wonderful.
• Erin sends AC Newman’s solo album "The Slow Wonder," which, it will amaze her to hear, I actually really like (even the midtempo ballad, but only because it has whistling).
• And of course, Nancy’s gift of the Space Age Ant Farm "based on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment" was an unexpected and delightful surprise.

If I am very crafty, I think I can figure out how to incorporate all of these gifts into one megametablogular experience.

UPDATE: Kathy’s package of six thousand mystery novels has just arrived. Thanks!


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  1. nicky

    Oh NO! Not the dreaded crunchy green-bean casserole!

    That strawberry stuff looks kinda yummy, tho…

  2. tisha

    Have you all seen James Lilek’s (did I spell him right) blog? He collects ephemera, especially weird recipes and interior design from the 1950-1970 eras. He wrote a book titled The Diary of Regrettable Food – – – or something like that, I bought it for my sister, it was hysterical!

  3. Sneaksleep

    Well, if those gifts reflect the actual range of your interests and pleasures, then you can be sure no one will ever call you boring! :) Glad to know you’re being spoiled.

  4. Anonymous

    “megametablogular” is quite possibly the best word ever invented.

    and A.C. Newman is amazing. i’d be sad if you couldn’t appreciate him.

  5. Ron Sullivan

    Raise ants and put ’em in a green bean dish? I hear from various people that ants taste sour or peppery, take your pick.

    Ohhh — fire ant bomb the patriarchy!! And have a remote camera, of course, for the blog.

  6. Hattie

    Are those beans with dehydrated French onion soup and slivered almonds? Yum!

  7. Anonymous


    OK, it’s called the GALLERY of Regrettable Food. Enough to give any feminists HOURS of giggles, I promise . . .

  8. Chris Clarke

    As is Lileks himself, though not for quite the same reason.

  9. Sylvanite

    Yeah, Lileks can be sort of a pinhead, politically, but “The Gallery of Regrettable Food” and his book on design excesses of the ’70s -“Interior Desecrations”- really are a hoot. I really do have to wonder what people were thinking back in the 1970s. Has there ever been another decade with such a hyperabundance of truly eye-rending design and color schemes? If so, I don’t know that I want to know about it.

  10. Finn

    Hey, isn’t “It’s nice to be nice to the nice,” a Frank Burns quote from M*A*S*H?

    (do i win a prize? (please tell me it’s one of the rubber boobs!))

  11. Twisty

    Hey, isn’t “It’s nice to be nice to the nice,” a Frank Burns quote from M*A*S*H?

    Ding ding ding!

  12. kathy a

    i like lileks’ weird collections of ephemera — having grown up in the same era, and wanting proof of how odd it was. but he and i are on different universes politically. probably his mom did not keep the can of “GoldWater” around long enough. i can’t say enough about the motivating effects of something like that around the family kitchen for a decade or more.

    i hope it was *my* package of mysteries that arrived — finally! so many kathy’s… such a wonderful postal system, where everything over a pound can’t be send from home because IT MIGHT BE A BOMB. sigh.

    when i tried the second time, at the post office, the clerk was really nice. the person 3 spots ahead forgot about $40 change, so i ran and told her. the impatient older guy behind me didn’t hit me with his cane when i got back in line, although he was Shocked at the price of sending a package these days. it is probably the right thing to get out and stand in line.

  13. Hissy Cat

    I still think Wendy’sWeight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 are just about the funniest thing around. They always make me laugh.

  14. Sour Duck

    Damn, Finn, I was gonna say that! ;)

  15. littlem

    Come on, Nicky. Les haricots verts almandine sont tres tres biens toujours. What else are you going to eat once you’ve given up white flour because of the additives that produce the brain lesions (stripping that grain in the name of profit to support the patriarchy)?

    Twisty, I feel bad because I didn’t send anything.

    I’ve just discovered your blog and therefore request a small recess to decide what would be an appropriate libation.

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