Nov 15 2005

Reader Dog Appreciation


For reasons of profound deappetitalization, dinner has been conspicuously absent from both the Twisty craw and the Twisty blog lately, but there’s no reason this execrable situation need extend to canines. Please enjoy this excellent Colored Bull Terrier, sent in by reader Cilla from the UK.


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  1. Sylvanite

    This photo certainly showcases the egg-shaped head nicely. I don’t hink I’ve ever met a dog of this breed. Are they good-tempered? They have shown an ability to party and hawk beer. ;)

  2. Sylvanite

    Ack! I meant “think”, not “hink.” Oh,well, still early in the day, and I haven’t finished my caffeine dose.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve read posts about Bert. I’ve seen pictures of Bert. And Mr. Colored Bull Terrier, you’re no Bert.

  4. Kelley Bell

    This picture is the essence of Patriarchy.

    The bully breeds are under attack in the US of A. where they are legally considered “Dangerous and vicious.”

    Why is this patriarchy? Because Patriarchy is a system of domination and control based on a belief system that supposes humans are above all other beings on the planet. It claims that people are somehow separate from nature, and that the earth is our playground.

    This attitude gives rise to the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to kill off any species that threatens human life in any way.

    It also supposes that human life is of greater value than any other life form.

    Therefore, when you look at a Pitt Bull, or any of the bully breeds, you are seeing a social expression of patriarchial eradication.

    This false thinking by the power structure gives birth to laws that rape the planet of all resources, while promoting rampant human breeding.

    Soilent Green, anyone?

  5. darkymac

    Oh I don’t know about all that Kelley Bell. Bull baiting, for which such dogs got bred at first, I am told, was a pretty patriarchal activity. So the Patriarchy proposes and the Patriarchy disposes.

    I vote one for Cilla because it’s a terrific pic of a character terrier. Only a mother could love that head but what a beaut kelpie choc and orange coat. Good dog, good dog. Love the over-the-shoulder lead. So casually elegant. Looks like a Bert to me.

  6. jayann

    I love that breed (but I think I prefer Staffordshires). They’re very nice to people, Sylvanite, they can be nasty to other dogs.

  7. Sara

    So, so, SO cute! :)

  8. Kelley Bell

    Sorry for the rant Darkymac.
    I had to put down my dog Petey (a satfforshire boxer mix) because of a bad case of pitbull paranoia in my community.

    My dog was a sweetie, and I followed all the rules. (There are LOTS of rules regarding dangerous and vicious breeds)

    The guy down the street got pissed because they moved the bus stop for his kids from in front of his house to in front of my house. He made a big protest and the school said “If your kids are not in danger, we are not changing the bus stop.”

    So he says “They ARE is danger…that woman has a PITBULL in her house!”

    So, the school contacts child protective services, and my attorney says “You can fight it if you want, but under the law all pitbulls ARE considered dangerous and vicious, so legally CPS can come into your home at any time and take your kids, unless you get rid of the dog.”

    My vet then tells me that 90% of these dogs that loose their homes because of public pressure or the outragious insurance required, end up in the hands of dog fighters who put duct tape on their mouths and throw them into the pitts for the fighting dogs to practice on.

    So, with a heavy heart, I made “Sophie’s Choice” and did what I had to do.

    That was two years ago, and Im still sick about it.

    I hear that they are working on legislation against other breeds now. Like Chows, Akitas, Rotweilers, and Shepards.

    Hopefully things will get better when the public learns to quit responding to messages of fear from the media and politicians.

  9. Stephanie

    That’s a terrible story, Kelley. I’m so sorry.

  10. Twisty

    Jesus Christ, Kelley. The dog-idiocy of people chafes at me constantly, but this is one of the worst things I’ve heard.

  11. Erin

    Kelley, that makes me so mad. I’ve done volunteer work at animal shelters, and the pits are really such nice and clever and attentive dogs; it makes me sick that they (and the people who care about and for them) are being subjected to all this nonsense.

    The overwhelming majority of fatal dog attacks on humans in the U.S. are caused by unneutered male dogs, regardless of their breed. The solution to that seems simple, but I can also tell you from my time in shelters that the male owners of unneutered dogs often freak out at the mere mention of the surgery. More than once, I was put in a position where I just really wanted to say, “Sir, we’re not talking about taking yours.”

  12. darkymac

    There’s no reason to apologise to me for your rant Kelly, it’s a blog and I come here for a bit of light relief.
    So look away now because I’m going to say something general about dog ownership and it’s got nothing to do with you in particular.
    Most dog bites/savagings are done by the loved family pet. I haven’t encountered a death caused by dogs yet. I’m a fill-in animal welfare ranger which means that I have been appointed by the court to make decisions about handling mis-managed animals on holidays and weekends when the full-time rangers are off-duty. The vets in the district have begged off the job because they say it interferes with their standing in the community. Bullshit. It interferes with their snake-oil cute salesmanship.
    Aside from settling down yearling bulls whose hobby farm owners haven’t bothered to protect from their own over-bred hormones, and authorising the use of the captive bolt euthaniser on fly-blown sheep that can’t even lift their heads to say ta ta, my most common job is to sit and get cried at by parents with children sans noses, eyes and ears who incredably still want their diddums dog not to have to be accommodated in the shire pound because the dog might feel upset.
    Dogs have lethal weapons called teeth. They are carnivores, despite what the patriarchal pet food pushers want owners to believe. When a dog uses its teeth to make a heirarchy statement, or because it’s upset or whatever the cause, it is dangerous to small humans. If you can’t habituate your dog, from the word go, not to use its teeth, ever, anywhere near a person’s person then you should never take your eyes off it when it’s near people.
    I don’t care about breed distinctions, just about the pig-ignorant attitude of parents who have an unneutered, undisciplined killing machine loose near their own kids.
    Foolish people with dogs are indeed legion.

  13. alphabitch

    Beautiful dog. Stella was attacked by a pit bull that our (former) neighbor had trained for fighting. My lovely ex-wife ended up with I don’t know how many stitches in her hand and Stella ended up having about a 4 x 10-inch piece of flesh removed surgically from her shoulder. It was awful. And the attack dog was not vaccinated and had to be quarantined, but under the rules the guy was going to be able to get him back if he built a secure enclosure. Fortunately the vet in charge of the quarantine deemed the poor dog irredeemably vicious and ordered him put down. The owner got a new puppy almost immediately and we saw him beating it with chains in the yard. You know, to train it.

    I swear I was at work when they guy’s house burned to the ground. So was my lovely ex-wife.

    The whole thing absolutely broke my heart, as they can (like almost every other kind of dog) be very sweet when they are well-loved and competently trained.

  14. cilla

    the picture is of freyja, one of my two female rescued bull terriers. she is completely squirrel obsessed but in all other respects she loves everyone, dogs and humans alike. but if you dont have food or squirrels secreted about your person she isnt interrested.
    both my dogs were completely freaked out when i adopted them but have settled very well and been trained. they eat raw food. i wont buy in to the bollocks peddled by the huge dog food producers. dogs eat meat not soya or other cooked crap.
    my previous bull terrier-a white male was a complete bastard. he wanted to kill everything and everybody despite his neutering and my training. i suspect he was treated badly behind my back by my now ex-husband. he was allergic to soya,wheat and dairy but i think he was also badly bred. i know other white male bull terriers that are equally as crazy in some ways but the coloured ones seem to be less aggressive. mmm something not quite right there.
    sometimes, i think simplisticaly,there are no bad dogs just bad owners/breeders.
    statistically, more people are bitten by collies and alsations but thats because they are the most popular breeds. because of their reputations as fighting dogs all bull breeds are frowned upon and despised and now demonised and there are knee jerk reaction attempts to have them erradicated. that sucks!
    i agree that all bull breeds and some other breeds are the essence of patriarchy. but its no reason to have them erradicated. the answer? education and training and thats just for the owners!!

  15. darkymac

    Cilla, they eat raw food. i wont buy in to the bollocks peddled by the huge dog food producers. dogs eat meat not soya or other cooked crap.

    You little beauty. Dog and cat Maccas is the work of the devil.

    My gate bitch is a heinz x heeler x staffy who was chucked away because she was untrainable. Codswallop. Returned to a raw diet, she found herself again and picked up a working vocabulary in no time.

    Around here, the most common breed involved in dog bites is also the Border Collie. Close second is the Bitching Frizz – little fluffy is elevated next to a person’s face for cuddley-wuddleys so why shouldn’t it get the idea that it’s top dog?

    I’d also like to vote for training for breeders – and maybe also those truckies who have Jack Russells. Those Jack Russells are extremely bossy from the height of a Kenworth cabin.

  16. BitingBeaver

    I am a dog nut but sadly most folks simply do not know the slightest about dogs. When I was training I would have more people come to me with a dog that ‘suddenly got aggressive’ and, after a few minutes of talking to them, I would invariably find that the dog was wonderful, ‘except when he’s eating’, ‘except when he’s on the couch’, ‘except when my husband touches me’.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when folks simply do not bother to actually, you know, READ about the breed of dog they’re getting or about ‘doggy language’. Then, they wind up with a dog that is out of control, not because of anything inherently ‘wrong’ with the dog, rather because the well-meaning owners were simply unequipped to read the signals their dog was sending.

    It’s a damn shame and the dogs suffer for the idiocy of humans.

    Ahh the Patriarchy.

  17. cilla

    not forgetting how people treat their animals as if they were human. no wonder the bloody animals run riot, go nuts and bite. the only thing worse than mans inhumanity to man is mans inhumanity to animals.

  18. Kelley Bell

    Cilla, you are so right. Mans inhumanity to animals is abhorant.
    I just finished a piece on my wildlife blog about these poor poor dogs on the Island of Reunion who are being used as live shark bait.

    It is sickening!

    Joseph Campbell made it very clear in his Masks of God books, that our cultural mythology is the root of all our woes.

    If we believe that we are somehow seperate or above nature, that we are God’s chosen ones, who have a goal of gettin out of here to get to that better place in the clouds where we really belong, then what happens is that we place no value or respect on the here and now.
    It’s a nutso idea. I mean, how fucking boring would it be to have a perfect existance for all eternity?
    Campbell says that we need to develop a New Cultural Mythology that will force the restructure of our values. That means End patriarchy and learn to value the ecosystem Damnit!

    Erin, I LMAO when I read your comment about nuturing. Brilliant!

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