Nov 15 2005

Tuesday Bert Blogging


Ducat Instant Karma, a.k.a. Bertie, exhibits his birditude

What with all this talk of dogs, it has dawned on me that I haven’t posted a picture of young Bert since before he lost his hideous baby teeth. Feast your eyes on the resplendent and faultess pup, now aged five and a half months.


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  1. darkymac

    One trusts that you will have many good hunts with the handsome lad.
    There’s nothing better than your good-and-faithful bringing back something you’ve stalked together.
    Does he ‘give’ back the dummy softly yet? It looks as though he’s already very purposeful when retrieving.

  2. Hogan

    Impressive ears.

  3. yankee transplant

    It has been too long! He is adorable.

  4. Lisa

    OK, new to the blog and late to the game, but (for what it’s worth) new haircut. Hot.

  5. Sara

    Oh so cute, oh so cute! Oh so totally cute!

    hee hee hee hee hee

  6. bitchphd

    He is the cutest damn thing ever.

  7. Dot

    wow. (as in bow-)

    well worth the wait.

  8. whyme63

    Is that the goose from the Migrators series Bertie has there? My Lab has about half-a-dozen different birds from that collection. When I come home, there’s dead poultry everywhere.

    What a charming dog. He looks like my kind of fella.

  9. Sylvanite

    Those floppy ears are adorable.

  10. Chris Clarke


  11. The Fat Lady Sings

    Those are definitely ‘Bob’ ears. Do you remember the dog that solved the murder in one episode of the Poirot Mystery series? Same kind of dog – same wonderful, expressive ears. We refer to our little girl puppy as having ‘Bob’ ears – each has its own separate brain, and the movements always signal her moods.

    You have a lovely dog, my dear. By the by – love the shaved look – it suit you. I do hope you are feeling a bit better this week. Lots of prayers and good wishes coming your way!

  12. wheelomatic

    Ears of extreme floppitude!

    Good doggie!

    Keep hugging him tight, he will get you through this.

  13. Sue

    Bert has fantabulous ears!

    The picture of him from a few months ago I saved and shared around because it was so adorable: the one where he’s in mid-stride facing the camera and his ears are flying in full puppylicious sail.

    And now, this picture!!! If he catches an updraft he could end up aloft. Darling dog.

  14. dr. b.

    The EARS!!! He is too damned cute!

  15. Twisty

    For those who are new, I should point out that when Bert is in repose, which he very often is, given that he is a golden retriever bred specifically for the purpose of lying around, his ears lie flat against his head. They only flap out like that when he runs, which he only does when he thinks food awaits.

  16. kcb

    Adorable. I’ll bet he’s extra springy with the weather finally cooling off.

  17. Erin

    If this has been answered before, I missed it, but is Bert named for Bertie Wooster?

  18. Twisty

    You’re the only one who’s ever gotten it, Erin.

  19. Ms Kate

    Aaaaaaaaaabsolutely fetching!

  20. Sue

    They only flap out like that when he runs.

    That’s what makes these pictures so wonderful. You manage to snap at just the moment when The Ears are fully distended. I can never take pictures that good of my own dog (who is adorable, despite lack of photographic evidence).

  21. Erin

    I feel so proud. All those years of book geekery finally pay off!

    (the name rocks, by the way)

  22. David

    Handsome pup! Does he need a new home?

  23. alphabitch

    Stella says woof woof to Bertie and she’ll give you a smooch on the mouth if you let her.

  24. Ancrene Wiseass

    Oh, he’s gorgeous!

  25. misspinkerton

    Awww, I love Bert! He’s too cute.

  26. robin

    Dogs like this are an embodiment of pure grace. They are such good souls, such stalwart little citizens.
    Ah, Bertie Wooster. What a nice namesake!
    Wodehouse was himself sort of an embodiment of pure grace, if you ignore his wartime faux pas, and I do, because I think it was just naivete, and if you can write like he did you should be forgiven most anything.

  27. FlippyO

    Awww, he’s adorable. I want to marry him, but then, the digusting thing that is gay marriage might follow.

    He looks so damned happy. I want to look like that.

  28. ae

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrt! He’s so lanky now. And his fur. And his fuzzy adorableness. He’s so damn gorgeous, it’s ridiculous. I’m so glad you have him.

  29. cilla

    well. he aint a bull terrier but cute none the less! lovely!

  30. Charles

    I wish I could improve on Wheelomatic’s “Ears of extreme floppitude” but alas I can’t. All I can say is that my shepherd dog Coalie (sorry, he came with the name) has one floppy ear and one straight ear and I much prefer the floppy ear. Keep ’em flopping, Bertie.

  31. laughingmuse

    How friggin’ cute is *that*? I’ve missed seeing Bert – and I just love the Wodehouse reference. Wooster and Jeeves stories are fabulous confection classics. I loaf them.

    Too bad we’re states away – my 2 dawgs would love a(nother) puppy to play with!

  32. WookieMonster

    Gah! Must resist puppy temptation! Gawd he’s adorable and Wookie needs a little brother so bad. Gah!

  33. weeza

    Aw, lookit! My dog is called Bert too. He does not understand ‘fetch’. He can do ‘roll over’, though. And his ears lay flat to his head except when he thinks someone might have or may be convinced to obtain food, whence they are ‘semi-prick’. Apparently.

  34. Hogan

    I don’t think it’s just the flapping out in that picture; I think it’s also the fluffy downy puppyfurness. Enjoy it while you can.

    Wodehouse was apparently a devoted dog owner.

  35. D Bunny

    I love him with my whole heart. What a cutie!

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