Dec 03 2005

More Gifts and Letters!

You guys are the solidest blamers in the history of patriarchy.

Thanks, Jennifer from Boston, for the temporary tattoos. They will look excellent on what Jennifer from Nashville, who included three lipsticky smooches in her letter, calls my "sexy bald head." Thanks, Ancrene Wiseass, for the Amazon amulet, which I hope will improve my archery. Thanks, Ron Sullivan,  for the books (I look forward particularly, as you might imagine, to the one entitled Slow Food). Thanks, Laurie, for the whoopie cushion and the chocolate and the tacos and all the other stuff you keep leaving on my doorstep. And of course, Norbiz, thanks a million for Timequake, which is one of the few Vonneguts I’ve never read.

You know, that Kurt Vonnegut, he’s a fairly solid patriarchy-blamer, for an old white dude.


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  1. Ron Sullivan

    Yer welcome. If you see a copy of Bisson’s Fire on the Mountain, grab it. Used pocket paperback. Different. And sorry about the smudge on Slow Food but I had to kill sime pretentious youngthing at Half Price Books to get it.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever forgiven Vonnegut for “Welcome to the Monkey House” myself.

  2. misspinkerton

    Timequake is one of my favorite pieces ever.

    You’ll love it.

  3. k

    So, are there jobs in Austin? After the taco blog, I think I have to move.

  4. Jen

    You’re welcome! Getting someone else to put the tattoos on for you is sometimes a better idea than trying to peel the backing off oneself and trying not to tear the dang things. Forgot to mention that in my note!

  5. Nancy

    Favorite Vonnegut quote:

    “I find uncritical respect for most works by great thinkers of long ago unpleasant, because they almost all accepted as natural and ordinary the belief that females and minority races and the poor were on earth to be uncomplaining, hardworking, respectful, and loyal servants of white males, who did the important thinking and exercised leadership.”

  6. norbizness

    Now that I think about it, I should have laundered the copy of Timequake I stole from my friend about a year ago.

  7. Amity

    timequake is my favorite of all vonnegut’s books. it’s my reading comfort food.

    and i live in austin as well…good to read some good anti-patriarchal stuff from a local!

    we’ve only lived here for two years this coming january. we’re slowly getting used to it.

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