Dec 04 2005

Raper’s Delight, Part II

Shakespeare’s Sister has just alerted me to a quintessential tale of 21st century American misogyny: that of a 17-year-old gang-rape victim (now 19) who, instead of seeing the testicles of her three attackers chewed off by a frothing pack of delirious pit bulls in the town square, has in fact been prosecuted for and found guilty of filing a false police report.

As I understand it, the judge, a graduate of Dicksmoke State Law School, decided that the victim’s drunken, doped-up thief of a mother, who testified for the defense that her daughter didn’t "act traumatized" after the rape, was a credible witness. So they threw the book at that slut of a lying teenage ho, and the pitiable, falsely accused boys-who-will-be-boys sauntered off to tea and crumpets at the Dorchester.

If our beloved sex-addicted patriarchy did not regularly inject itself with life-giving shots of yippee-rape, it might astonish us that a judge would consider that a victim’s drunken mother–a woman of such discerning tastes that she
apparently keeps intimate company with a convicted child molester–is
competent to assess the weather, let alone the psychological state of
her raped daughter.

It might further astonish us that, in order to see justice, women are now apparently required to follow rules of
trauma decorum following a rape. But as usual, we don’t know what the rules are! The old white dudes change’em all the goddam time! Maybe we could cover our asses by presenting a crowd-pleasing set of
hysterical-chick behaviors consistent with those enacted by stock characters on "Law & Order: SVU"? Such as huddling for 3 days in the corner of the bathtub with the shower running, rubbing holes in our skin with a loofah, muttering Bible verses?

But I digress.
What I was saying is that we are not astonished by the criminal act of this fucktarded judge. It’s no secret that our culture is one that trembles with joy whenever there’s a fallen woman to be publicly humiliated on accounta she has haplessly found herself pronged by the business end of red-blooded American manhood. And we are so accustomed to and exhausted by criminal acts of both public officials and the moralizing godbag teeming throng who cheers them on that when we read about this shit in blogs, it’s all we can do to lift our exhausted fingers to type the exhausted comment "*sigh*."

But let us not forget that in this case the judge–corrupted, as are all white dudes in positions of authority, by the noxious, viscous emanations of Ol’ Peeno*–has applied the same time-honored, patriarchy-endorsed orthodoxy deemed so peachy in those savage 3rd world outposts of barbarism where splayfooted tribal elders set rape victims on fire and give all her family’s goats to the rapists. This case differs only in degree.

*Ol’ Peeno, The National Penis, throbs under glass in the Museum of American Patriarchy (located at the tip of the Washington Monument in D.C.) and erupts, to the delight of pornsick visitors from across our great land, into the stagnant national miasma its gaseous smegs of oppression every hour on the hour.


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  1. nina

    I’ve been reading about this case all over the place, and it has rightly disgusted and angered me, but Twisty, when you use phrases like “gaseous smegs of opression” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  2. JR

    Holy shit, Twisty. That was the best post on this hideous case anywhere.

  3. Sarah

    Here is an old but interesting story


  4. Twisty

    Nina, I was listening to NPR this morning to an interview with a Palestinian author who has written a book taking “a good-humored look at life in the West Bank city” of Ramallah. She says you can either laugh or cry when your reality too terrible to contemplate, and that she has chosen to laugh. I suppose I feel more or less the same way about appalling crap like this rape case.

  5. Twisty

    Sarah’s link alludes to a guy who serves 3 years before a girl admits she lied that he raped her.

    It is interesting that rape is referred to as “one of the worst possible offenses” when some dude is falsely accused of it, but when it actually happens to a woman, it’s something she “asked” for and is really hard to prosecute.

  6. nina

    I agree Twisty, I love your humorous turns of phrase–you are a master at it, and it’s a large part of why I’m such a faithful reader. Sometimes it’s easier to laugh than others, though, and this case is making it hard for me.

  7. bitchphd

    Well, it’s an awful, horrible offense to besmirch a man’s reputation like that.

  8. Impulsivecompulsive

    *snort* Yeah, you’ve do have to watch out for the reputation of those poor little group rapis…sorry, valid gangbangers. Obviously reasonable doubt isn’t necessary when it comes to the bermirching of their reputation. Because that there is an accusation to be taken seriously. Rape, not so much.

  9. Tanooki Joe

    “…instead of seeing the testicles of her three attackers chewed off by a frothing pack of delirious pit bulls in the town square…”

    How could you even think such a cruel thing, Twisty? Exposing those poor, innocent pit bulls to rapist testicles… it’s animal cruelty, I say!

    Ugh, I don’t even know what to say about this disgusting case.

  10. Christopher

    Maybe there’s something the Prosecution knows that’s not in the Oregonian article, but as far as I can tell this is a disgusting miscarriage of justice.

    In my own back yard, no less.

  11. Pinko Punko

    this totally sucks. there is nothing else to say.

  12. rose

    Then, when we find out later that the judge has a kazillion sexual harrassment complaints against him that have never been followed up on it all begins to make perfect sense.

  13. jaye

    Sorry about the glich

    Some day I will pass the Texas Bar Exam and I will advise clients that this shit can and will happen to them. I would also tell a client that she should sue the boys in civil court rather than rely on the criminal courts to seek justice. The young animals should have to pay for her therapy.

    Never try a case like this by judge. Ask for a jury trial. She needed reasonable doubt on her side and she wasn’t going to get it from this judge.

    What is “acting traumatized?” I have such late reactions to bad news that I would be blamed for not showing the proper trauma. My whole childhood was trauma and it didn’t manifest until much, much later.

    Oh you got to love how she had to provide evidence of their behavior by her behavior. Go to the hospital and go into therapy because the justice system isn’t interested in the effects of non-consensual sex. They are interested in protecting men.

    A woman is raped every few minutes in this country and the system’s response is nothing. If it were men who were assaulted like this, on this level, we would be having telethons to raise money for them.

  14. CafeSiren

    I tried to read this article, and was disgusted to see that, in order to see more than the first page, I had to register with the Oregonian (my old hometown paper) — and the disgust part came when I saw that they wanted not only my name, rank, and serial number, but also my gender (their misuse of the word; not mine).

    Ugh. So I’ll just have to take y’all’s word that the decision was creepy in the extreme.

  15. Ms Kate

    Some useful links:

    email for the judge:

    The city of Beaverton court system:

    The State attorney general’s office:

    Contact for the Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task force:

    Keep in mind that the dipshit prosecutor is primarily a land-court lawyer type and doesn’t know shit about squat. Makes me wonder about the political connections of the boys – something the attorney general could be asked to investigate.

    At the very least, all of them are in for education and censure given their fundamental lack of ability to even use Google to explore the implications of their stupidity, let alone the law resources available. If Hardy Myers’ task force is to have the least shred of cred, he should be urged to move swiftly to stop this shit and investigate and punish the parties involved with due haste.

    Go get’em women!

  16. LMYC

    If it were men who were assaulted like this, on this level …

    Men do — they start wars. Only they’re the ones assaulting one another.

    … we would be having telethons to raise money for them.

    And we do have fundraisers — for the wars. They’re called taxes.

    The patriarchy is FUCKED. UP.

  17. Dim Undercellar

    But even in wars, female civilians are assaulted and raped BY BOTH SIDES!

  18. Sneaksleep

    OK, lemme get this straight: Somehow the justice system thinks nothing of convicting women of false accusations, or of frying a black dude for a murder it is later discovered he had nothing to do with. But heaven forbid that those young white boys might have to go to court and explain themselves.

  19. Jenny K

    “Maybe we could cover our asses by presenting a crowd-pleasing set of hysterical-chick behaviors consistent with those enacted by stock characters on “Law & Order: SVU”?”

    Ha. Sadly enough for the judge and prosecution, even SVU (or was it original flavor?) covered this exact topic once. The rapist was about to get off when one of the lawyers pointed out that the accuser hadn’t acted like a “normal” rape victim (scared, introverted, jumpy, tearful, etc.). The victim then obligingly flew into a rage and explained that she was sorry that she wasn’t sufficiently cowed by the experience, but she was filled with rage, not fear.

    (I’m sure there is something wrong with me that it was one of the first things to pop into my head when I first heard this story.)

  20. sam

    A few weeks ago in Oregon an all-male court decided that a woman getting fucked onstage in a strip club is protected freedom of speech and not prostitution because women doing this are expressing themselves artistically. The man who brought the case and whose speech they were defending was a convicted pimp serving time in jail for promoting prostitution in his strip club.

    It was also determined that strippers should have the freedom of speech to rub their mostly-naked bodies against the crotches of clothed men until the men cream their pants.

    There are twice the number of strip clubs in Portland 2005 than there were in Portland 1997. Portland is closing schools and opening strip clubs.

    The injustice to this woman is not out of line with the overarching philosophy evident here that when men control and define women’s sexuality in their own interests then women are not controlling and defining their sexuality themselves.

    When men control women’s sexuality it’s easier to disbelieve a woman was horrifically gang raped by her boyfriend and his buddies than it is to believe a 17-year-old woman would approach three men and initiate a pre-party gang bang only to lie about it to authorities out of shame of her formerly aggressive sluttiness and a desire to ruin three men’s lives. Men who control and define women’s sexuality for themselves also get to define rape as sex if that’s what men say it is, Definition is the prerogative of the dominant class.

  21. Becky

    Eek. The idea of needing to act “properly traumatized” is frightening. Who on earth gets to define how someone should react to rape? Reminded me of Camus’s The Stranger — the man’s less than perfect “performance” of grief over his mother’s death somehow is used against him in a completely unrelated murder trial…

  1. Dodecahedron

    University Of Colorado

    There’s a great column by Greg Couch in today’s Chicago Sun-Times
    about Gary Barnett’s being fired as head football coach at University of Colorado. What finally brought him down? Hint: it wasn’t the allegations of rape and sexual assault from femal…

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